The Path to Bachelors Grove

The Path to Bachelors Grove were guests on The Fringe Radio show on Saturday February 20, 2016.  Take a listen below as we talk with the host Pat about the many mysterious topics surrounding Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

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An article by The Path to Bachelors Grove about the negative aura that surrounds the cemetery and immediate area was featured in the October issue of TNT Paranormal's monthly news article Bumps in the Night!! Click the photo to the left to go to TNT's pdf of the full newsletter or click on the link at the end of this paragraph to take you to a copy of our article on our websites Weekly Stories from the Grove page here: 

Weekly Stories from the Grove.

It is a real interesting insightful read on some of the "truth" surrounding Bachelors Grove Cemetery. 

The Path to Bachelors Grove

The Path to Bachelors Grove founders Karl K and Wendy Moxley Roe had the pleasure of working with Chicago Author Ursula Bielski on her latest book Haunted Bachelors Grove.  The book is a culmination of many hours of research both collectively and separately.  Karl and Wendy also provided many of the photos for the book. 

Clicking the photo below will take you to our Tombstone Travels page where you will find  a pictorial listing of cemeteries we have visited. General information is  included as well as links to downloadable maps showing notable burials, our photos of the cemetery, google map link to the locations and links to more history of the cemetery, including  associated local urban legends! Keep checking back as this is a fairly new project and a work in progress!! And as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email at

Planning a Visit???

 A Self Guided Tour ​

Brochure  is available to download on our Weekly Stories from the Grove Page by clicking the image to the Right.  

Directions to Bachelors Grove at the Bottom of this page.

As part of our ongoing research we have developed this survey based on the experience that is Bachelors Grove . Help us gather statistics and information on Bachelors Grove by sharing your opinions and personal encounters with Bachelors Grove.  You do not have to have visited to participate, any input is appreciated and most welcome.  SURVEY

Bachelors Grove

The Path to Bachelors Grove on FOX 32 Chicago

On October 2, 2014 The Path to Bachelors Grove met FOX 32 news reporter Jake Hamilton to film a segment for the next mornings news cast. The segment featured our own Karl K. To see the whole segment and photos go here  Weekly News 

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Clicking the photos below will take you to the corresponding page. Bachelors  history.



Throughout the pages here we've displayed some of the thousands of pictures we've taken in and around the Grove. Its something we love doing and have spent many happy hours capturing some pretty amazing stuff. 

One of the Geocaches we found in 

Bachelors Grove. This one happens to be an ammo box hidden in a tree.

Bachelors Grove Haunted

When visiting Bachelors Grove one must strictly abide by the ridgedly enforced "sunup to sundown" hours of the F.P.D.C.C.

When in Bachelors Grove and or Rubio woods after official sunrise to sunset hours, not only do you bring unwanted attention to the area, you also risk a very expensive ticket. You also possibly may be ticketed, towed or your vehicle being locked inside of Rubio woods parking lot.

The area is highly patrolled and the officers are doing their job of enforcing these rules, which helps keep a lot of the unwanted, trouble making riff-raff out of the area.

Enjoy but please visit the Grove with respect.  Most Haunted Places in America

Bachelors Groveis located in south

suburban  Midlothian IL, approximately 25 miles

Southwest of Chicago City limits.

B.G. is on the South side of the  

Midlothian Turnpike- 143 ST, between Central and

Ridgeland Ave .

You will see a large Rubio Woods forest preserve sign

on the North side of 143rd St. You must park in the 

Rubio woods parking lot. 

To find the entrance to the cemetery VERY CAREFULLY (this is a heavily traveled, high speed stretch of roadway)   cross 143 St. to the South side towards the fenced in Towers.  When you reach the south side go west along 143 St.  until you see the wooden post, cabled off entrance, with the closed sign. 

Here we suggest you take a deep breathe, ground

and center yourself. Then begin your almost half

mile journey down

The Path to Bachelors Grove

 Pay attention to what you may hear, feel,

possibly what you might see when walking

down the path, for it is here, where many

speak of the feeling of a "presence"  or the

sense of "being watched".

Also, when walking down the path , kindly

pick up a few piece's of garbage to help

keep the area clean for other's to enjoy.

A garbage can awaits you down the path at the entrance

to the cemetery. Enjoy the location but please do so with

respect and courtesy. This is a cemetery, 

not a playground. One can have much fun in a day while 

enjoying the area called Bachelors Grove.

Thank you !! 

Bachelors Grove is within Everdon woods which is within the Forest

Preserve District of Cook County.The cemetery itself is owned by the Cook County real estate office, and IS NOT part of the F.P.D.C.C.

G.P.S.  -    N.  41*  37.854         W. 087* 46.216

Bachelors Grove has many highly used trails by visitors and by the Boy Scouts, two of the more popular ones are the Bigfoot and Iroquois trails.

The area offers endless nature along its endless trails, some of these trails are fairly thick and full of thorns in the dead of summer , so do beware.

Rubio woods offers covered picnic shelters's, a sunny open field and is part of a 25 mile paved bike path through the woods of the local area. 

The Grove and Rubio woods also is a popular area for geocaching. We have met many families and adventurers in search of geo-treasure. Geocaching is 

a virtual scavenger hunt of sorts. By using gps tracking technology, you can hunt

down what is called a Geocache. They come in many different shapes and sizes but the

typical will be some form of container. Inside will be a log book and small

trinkets. When you find one, you leave a small item in the  

container and chose one to take with you. You write your 

Geocaching username in the log book and you can keep a

log online of the caches you've found. 

There are actually people who have found thousands of

these all over the world!!

For more details or to gettstarted visit

A friend of ours has hidden a few within the Forest

Preserve surrounding Bachelors Grove, 

come on out and find them, IF YOU CAN.

The Path to Bachelors Grove  evolved as a result of much hard work, much dedication and a deep passion.

It will be built around personal experiences and stories of our own, of friends and of visitors to Bachelors Grove.

We have many friends with the same interest and passion for this location. We meet there often, at least once a week on average. The summer months bring entire days spent in the sun and the beautiful creek. Countless hours breeze by in mere minutes exploring the woods or just hanging out enjoying the company and the weather be it rain, hail, sleet or sunshine. The warmer months bring more peope, first timers and the returning regulars.  In  the course of our days there we've enjoyed meeting people with the same interest and sharing stories. Some have become very good friends.

One thing is certain, there is always something new and interesting going on at Bachelors Grove.

That is what we intend to share here with WEEKLY updates of photo's, never ending stories, new experiences and the friendly going's on at Bachelors Grove.

Thank you again for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

                                                                             Updated 1-5-17

We are so excited to have you here! We have worked many hours and very hard to share with you the fruition of a passion that has lead us down a long and winding path of amazement and discovery.  This site contains documentation of family history, burial information, photos, personal Bachelors Grove experiences and much more! Plan to sit down for a few to surf the many pages dedicated to a wide variety of BG topics. Please Keep checking back with us as this site is an ongoing effort to bring to you the Legend that is Bachelors Grove .

Legend and Lore

Phantom Cars, murdered families, mysterious glowing orbs, dead bodies in a pond... These are just a few of the countless  tales that have come out of Bachelors Grove over the years. Check out the Legends and Lore page for retellings of Bachelors Grove Urban Legends. 

Beyond the Grove

Come with us down the path we so often speak of in soft excited voices. Fleeting shapes caught out of the corner of  an eye,  shadowy figures in the trees.  There is so much more beyond Bachelors Grove. The personal side. Here the people will speak and we will share each exciting experience with you. We would love to hear yours too!!  

Families and Faces

 Who are the people that are buried in Bachelors Grove?

 Our family and burial page displays our ongoing research of the families of Bachelors Grove . We have included numbered grids with corresponding burial listings. Historic family photos , public documents and other pertinant information we have located on those buried in the cemetery.

"You can not reach a destination if you don't believe it exists"