The Path to Bachelors Grove

October 2015

The Path to Bachelors Grove wrote the article below on the negative aura that seems to surround Bachelors Grove Cemetery and the immediate area. It was featured in  the October 2015 edition of TNT Paranormal's monthly newsletter Bumps in the Night!!  To see the whole newsletter go here:

October 2015 Bumps in the Night Newsletter

October 2018

Some Fantastic  aerial shots of  Bachelors Grove Cemetery and Quarry Pond taken in summer 2018 by Rob Hirtz

February 20

The Path to Bachelors Grove were guests on The Fringe Radio show on Saturday February 20, 2016.  Take a listen below as we talk withy the host Pat about the many mysterious topics surrounding Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

October 2014

Fox News channel 32 from Chicago s Jake Hamilton interviewed The Path to Bachelors Grove Karl K for his "Jakes Takes" segment for the October 3 morning news cast. Thanks to Jake for putting togther an amazing segment on our Beloved Grove and to Dave Olsen of  Chicago Paranormal Investigators  for the opportunity!!!

September 9, 2014

This summer a grant was given for beautification work at a few Cook County Forest Preserves. Bachelors Grove/Rubio Woods was one of the recipients of that funding. 

Some landscaping was done in July and a new gate was installed in August of 2014.

The photo to the left is of the gate as it looked in August 2012 and then after the new gate was installed in August of 2014.

The fence was slowly repaired over the summer also. The places where the fence was completely down have been replaced and the fence is now whole. The gate has no lock on it yet and opens freely. The big buzz swirling around BG now is whether they will attempt to lock it up. Contributing to the hype is that the gate was installed a few weeks after the Patrick stone was moved from its lot location to sitting just inside the main entrance at the gate opening by persons unknown.  As of now the fence has been up for three weeks and no lock has been put up.

Bachelors Grove

Bachelors Grove  

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Updates from the Grove

February 27, 2014

Jimmy O'Conner's documentary on Bachelors Grove narrated by Dale Kaczmarek is available to purchase today!!  This DVD documents the history and mystery of this storied location. Lots of historical information and many of "The Path's " photos were used in this DVD.It is VERY well done.If you are interested in Bachelors Grove history you should definately check it out. Click the photo to the right and order your Copy now.

You will not be disappointed !!!

                                                                   Karl K.

A Walk Through Bachelors Grove....

Kurt Przybyla  

February 19, 2014

Kurt Przybyla tells his Bachelors Grove story-


 A year or so ago my father passed away. I had never had and encounters with the after life uintil my father passed. For a short period of time after he passed my father reached ou to me on several occasions. There was no denying it was him and it sparked my curiosity of life after death. I knew that if there was something out there then we all have a purpose in life and our journey doesn't end here. So with some advice from a friend who actually warned me that I would have these experiences with my father, I went searching for more, this was my time to experience Bachelors Grove. The first time I went with a group but found myself wandering off alone, deep into the woods. I then came across a certain area on the other side of the creek and I got a heavy feeling in my chest.  It was hard to breath for a moment and it sent a small chill down my spine. When I returned to the group, I was asked where I went. I explained were i was and I was asked if at that same spot I found it hard to breath. This freaked me out and of course my answer was yes and was then told that other people have had th4e same experience. That was my first experience at the Grove.

I found it fascinating and couldn't get enough. The second time i went I brought a friend. My friend read to me the name and date of the Hamilton Stone (in the south east corner of the cemetery) and commented on the age of the boy who had died there. We walked around and down the creek then back and bout and hour later ended up in the same spot where we began. My friend said it was gone. I said "Whats gone?" He said the writing on the stone. I looked down and could not see any writing on the stone that we just read and hour earlier. I had taken photos of the stone before and then again after. I knelt down and felt the stone. It was as smooth as it could be and the etching was gone. When I looked at the stone on my th9ird trip to the Grove the writing on the stone was engraved a 1/4 inch deep!!

That experience I will never forget. But the best trips are when I go alone. I love to meet friends and share there stories and talk about their experiences. Its when i'm alone that I get the shivers down my spine. A noise in the air, a break of a branch or a movement out of the corner of my eye will get me every time. But most of all I get a sense of peace with a little twist. The feeling that i'm not alone. Hard to explain, but a feeling that there is more than just me. That is the feeling I love. A feeling of the beyond.

I am now a true believer and every time I go I always come back with something new. I might find something on the ground from many years gone by or see something out of the cornered of my eye that I just cant explain. Sometimes I just leave knowing that there's more to this life than only us. An after life. It makes me not so afraid to die and move on. It leads me to believe my loved ones are waiting on the other side and that those experiences are ones that have changed my life. Its made me a better person. More positive, less negative and the people I meet there are the same way. Together we share our stories and enjoy each others company. I meet new people and make new friends every time I go. Good people, positive people, people who understand and believe in the things that I do. Its a wonderful experience.

So if you have never been to Bachelors Grove, get on your walking shoes, take a friend and enjoy what it has to offer. Everyone I know that has gone there, walks away with something special that changes their life. The respect that is gvein to the ones buried there is priceless. There are some bad Seeds, but we are there to protect the graveyard and keep it as neat and clean as possible for all to enjoy, the effort of all the people working together is also priceless!!! God had blessed that path, The Path to Bachelors Grove!!