The Path to Bachelors Grove

Bachelors Grove

bachelors grove

bachelors grove   bachelors grove 

bachelors grove   bachelors grove 

bachelors grove   bachelors grove 

bachelors grove   bachelors grove  bachelors grove   bachelors grove    bachelors grove   bachelors grove  bachelors grove    bachelors grove     bachelors grove   bachelors grove   bachelors grove   bachelors grove  

Kindly take a moment and view the photo slide show below depicting the changes the F.P.D.C.C. has made with a few days efforts of a small yet determined work crew. Returning visitors to the Grove were in awe when first laying eyes on the cemetery area.Some stating they had never ever seen it looking so good like it is right now. 

Imagine the possibilities!

Fall 2013 the F.P.D.C.C. stepped up and did heavy maintenance within the cemetery for the first time in decades,if not for the first time ever. Trees were trimmed and all weeds, grass and smaller growing trees were cut and or removed from within the fenced in one acre cemetery. It was a sight to behold and a sight many had never had the pleasure to have ever seen before.

The Path was heavily trimmed of the overgrown vines and branches reaching out and obstructing a clear walk in.A tractor was brought in to widen and excavate the path which uncovered large portions of blacktop from the "old original' Midlothian Turpike that hasn't been seen in decades.

Bachelors Grove is "property" of the Cook County Real Estate Office. It is NOT official land of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.

‚ÄčIn the fall of 2013 the F.P.D.C.C. working along with the Cook County Real Estate office came into the Grove from what we understand for  the first time EVER to do some much needed overdue maintenance of the cemetery and surrounding area.For many years prior to this,the area outside the cemetery was maintained by a hardcore group of volunteers headed up by the now "disbanded" G.R.P. which i was a member of for the summer of 2012 and which lead me to also become a F.P.D.C.C. volunteer chainsaw operator. This in turn also led me to become an 'Adopt-A-Site" leader for another area I have a deep passion for, Robinson Woods.

Named - Robinson Woods Heritage Program.

Please do keep checking back to see what the future holds for the area we know as Bachelors Grove.

Future of the Grove