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Above: Article from the Blue Island Sun Standard January 27, 1944

Above: Heman Crandall

The article to the left was located at the Tinley Park Historical Society. A notation on the original states that it was located in 1925 by a Crandall family researcher. The article is thought to have been from January 1898 or January 1899.

Bue Island Sun Standard, October 3, 1929


February 2014

We got a tour of the inside of the Fulton Home!

From Left to Right:

Back Row: Mark Crandall, Heman Crandall, Ethan Crandall

Frunt Row: Electra Crandall Bucklin, Martha Crandall Jone, Betsey Crandall Wattles, Ruey Crandall Wadhams

Lydia Busnell Crandall, Hemans Wife

​Emma and Alvina (Ollie) Schmidt


Friederich and Margarethe Schmidt are buried in Mt. Greenwood Cemetery, Chicago Il along with two of their children and one grandson

​Clara Fulton Mayfing
Edwin Carl Schmidt

Check letter from Cook County Forest Preserves to Margarethe Schmidt for the sale of the Schmidt land

Below:  Warranty Deed for the sale of the Schmidt family property to Cook County Forest Preserve by Margarethe Schmidt, Friederich Schmidts widow.

Photo Right:

Left to Right: Dorthea Hammel, Friederich Schmidts mother

Emma Schmidt Suhs, Friederich and Margarethes daughter

Seated in front of Emma is her infant son Edwin


Margarethe Schmidt, Friederich Schmidts wife

Margaretha Schmidt
The Schmidt Children

Right:  Document Signed by all ten of Friederich and Margarethes Children. The document is part of Margarethes estate when she passed in 1931

Frederick Schmidt and Margarethe Meier Schmidt around 1890 and family. Edwin Carl Schmidt Sr. is sitting in front just left of center

Photo at left is of Clara Fulton Mayfing as a young girl. Clara is the daughter of Samuel and Jennie Fulton who were buried in Bachelors Grove lot #26 along with Clara's husband,Charles Mayfing.All three were reinterred at First Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery in Tinley Park where Clara is also buried .

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The excerpt below is from,Where the Trails Cross -Vol 26:1, Brad Bettenhause

"The first legal record of the cemetery (Bachelors Grove)  occurred when Edward M. Everdon sold his property in the area to Frederick Schmidt (photo right) in 1864, reserving and setting aside one acre of the land for use as a graveyard. According to 1935 newspaper articles, Frederick Schmidt supposedly added additional property to expand the cemetery in subsequent years however there is no hard evidence of an additions to the original acre."

​Frederick maintained the cemetery from the 1860's until his death in 1920.

Mrs Schmidt eventually sold the property of approximately 160 acres to Cook County in 1925.

The 1864 deed and subsequent property transfers only indicate that the cemetery was one acre in size,neglecting to give the dimensions of the cemetery itself. A deed from 1909, where a portion of the Schmidt property was sold,provides some points of reference  to the cemetery's legal description.

Frederick Schmidt is said to be the owner of burial lot #24.

Where the Trails Cross,Original Plat Map Notations, notes- Photocopy of cemetery plat at Cook County notes that lot was transferred from Everden (in small handwriting) to F.  Schmidt.)

Above  photo and dated information courtesy of Bob Schmidt.

Great grandson to Friederich Schmidt.  


Frederick Schmidt

 Older photos of the Fulton house 

The Fulton house as it looks today

Below: 1944 Newspaper article from unknown publication about Luella Rogers accident and death. 

Mrs. Rogers

Albert Fulton and Pearl Moss

Weddig Photos

Albert Fulton

Albert Fulton and Pearl Moss


James Fulton Home

                                                                                                                            LEFT: Sign outside of the Fulton Home in Tinley Park reads:

John and Jane Fulton came to Bremen township from New York State in 1844. During his lifetime, fulton assembled over 1,000 acres of farm land in the area. His holdings included property north and norhteast of the present Village of Tinley Park that are now part of Oak Forest Hospital, George W. Dunne Golf Course, and his homestead which was located on Central Avenue (and now part of Yankee Woods of the Cook County Forest Preserve District). According to family legend, the Fultons provided lodging for workers constructing the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rail Road in 1852, charging 30 cents for room and board.

 In 1858 and 1859, Fulton acquired approximately 146 acres of farmland at the corner of Oak Park Avenue and 167th Street, which was then north of the illage of New Bremen. This property became the home of John Fulton, Jr., and his family. The home originally consisted of a small living room and dining area with two bedrooms upstairs. The house was enlarged in 1912 with an addition in front of the original structure (facing Oak Park Ave.).

During most of his lifetime, this was the home of Bertrand ("Bert") Harrison Fulton (son of John Jr.) who served on the local school board (now Community Consolidated School District 146) for many years. Fulton School located on 171st Street was named in his honor.

This home was the recipient of the Tinley Park Historical Society's Historic Preservation Award in 1983. The home has been used primarily for office purposes since the early 1980's . The wrap-around front porch, as well as a one story addition to the rear of the home were added in about 2004 as the owners at that time desired to convert the home to a bed and breakfast. When this marker was dedicated in 2008, the former Fulton home contained an office and an apartment. 

Left: Invitation for the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for John and Hulda Fulton.


John Fulton Jr. and Hulda Turney Marriage Certificate

 The above photo ( courtesy of The Tinley Park Historical Society) is a Fulton family shot taken on November 8, 1916 At the Golden Wedding Anniversary Party for Hulda and John Fulton Jr. that was held at their home on 16800 Oak Park Ave in Tinley Park. The house is still standing, an office building now.

Pictured here left to right are:

Front Row : Hulda Turney Fulton, John Fulton Jr.

Back Row:

Hulda and Johns' Remaining children:

Minnie Fulton Argile, Bertrand Fulton and

Luella "Lulu"  Fulton Rogers.  

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The Flassig Family

Pictured right is the Robert Flassig Family. Robert Is Dora Flassig Newmans Brother. Their Father Frank "Frantz Flassig" is buried in Bachelors Grove also. According to research we've done Franks trade was as a shoe maker. 

​The Fulton Family

Right: Mark Crandall

and his brothers, two of whom are pictured here ,

walked over 800 miles to Illinois from Moira New York in 1833. They were some of the first settlers in the area.


There have been 16 children under the age of 16, as far as we know, buried in Bachelors Grove at 

one point in time. 6 of those were reinterred leaving 10 that we know are still there. Half of those ten were under a year, some not even taking a breath. Two others a set of 5 yr old twin girls that died within a week of each other. Pictured left is Alma and Electa Crandall. Daughters of Mark Crandall (right). Alma died at 16 yrs old and was buried in Bachelors Grove lot #25 in 1879.

Electas infant daughter Clara Webber died at 21 days old and was  buried in lot #25 also. All of the Crandalls buried in Bachelors Grove were reinterred in 1892.

Pictured left are Rosanna Turney and her husband John Newman. Their son Daniel Newman is buried in lot #79. Rosanna is also a Turney. Hulda Fultons sister. Making Hulda Fulton Daniel Newmans aunt. 


Above: James Fulton, plowing on the Fulton Farm in 1915. He has his first grandson, Jim Fulton with him. This farm is now the site of the Forest Preserve National Gold Course. He built the barn in the mid 1800's. the woods in the background are now Yankee Woods. James Fulton photos courtesy of Tinley Park Historical Society

Albert Fulton is the son of Samuel Fulton and Jennie McMurray buried in Lot #26 in Bachelors Grove until reinterred to First Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery. Samuel is the son of John Fulton Sr. Albert and Pearl Moss Photos courtesy of Tinley Park Historical Society


  Luella Fulton Rogers is the daughter of Hulda and John Fulton Jr. She was killed in a hit and run accident in   when a car struck her and took off, leaving her in a ditch to be discovered 45 minutes later calling for help by a neighbor. Mrs. Rogers died shortly after her 65th birthday at the hospital of injuries due to the accident . They never found the driver of the car that struck her. 

John Fulton Home

Family Photos and Local History

Showcased here are family photos with  bits of information

on those buried in B.G. and some of their families.  

Also shared will be local history of the 

communities that have surrounded the cemetery.