Bachelors Grove

Bachelors Grove is located in south 

suburban Midlothian IL,

approximately 25 miles 
Southwest of Chicago City limits.

B.G. is on the South side of the  
Midlothian Turnpike- 143 ST, between

Central and Ridgeland Ave .


                                                                                           You will see a large Rubio Woods forest preserve
                                                                                           sign on the North side of 143rd St. You must

                                                                                           park in the  Rubio woods parking lot. 

​​To find the entrance to the cemetery 

VERY CAREFULLY cross 143 Street to the

South side towards the fenced Towers. 

PLEASE BE CAREFUL, this is a heavily traveled,

high speed stretch of roadway. 

                                                                                                When you reach the south side go west

                                                                                                along 143 St.  until you see the wooden post

                                                                                                cabled off entrance, with the closed sign


When you reach the cable pictured above 

we suggest you take a deep breathe,

ground and center yourself before


Then begin your almost quarter mile

journey down
The Path to Bachelors Grove

The path beyond the cable will take you directly to the cemetery. 

A few things to remember when visiting Bachelors Grove Cemetery and surrounding Forest Preserves:

1)  The cemetery is open to the public during regular Forest Preserve hours which is Sun up to Sun Down.  This rule is strictly enforced. If you enter the Forest preserve outside of these hours you risk being fined and or arrested. 

2) Please do not stand or climb on tombstones! It is dangerous and disrespectful!

3) Do not light any candles with in the cemetery or place them on headstones. 

4) Don't be afraid to report any strange behavior in the area to local authorities!! 

Bachelors Grove is within Everdon woods which is a part of the Forest Preserve District of Cook

County.The cemetery itself is owned by the Cook County real estate office, and IS NOT part of the

F.P.D.C.C. although they do share a responsibility with the real estate office for care and management.

Bachelors Grove has many highly used trails by visitors and by the Boy Scouts, two of the more popular

ones are the Bigfoot and Iroquois trails. The area offers endless nature along its endless trails.

Please beware that some of these trails are fairly thick and full of thorns , especially in the dead of summer.
Rubio woods offers covered picnic shelters's, a sunny open field. There is also a  fantastic paved bike path

that continues through 25 miles of  woods and local area. 

The Grove and Rubio woods also is a popular area for geocaching. We have met many families and adventurers in

search of geo-treasure. Geocaching is a virtual scavenger hunt of sorts. By using gps tracking technology, you can hunt 
down what is called a Geocache. They come in many different shapes and sizes but the typical will be some form of

container. Inside will be a log book and small trinkets. When you find one, you leave a small item in the  container

and chose one to take with you. You write your Geocaching username in the log book and you can keep a log online

of the caches you've found. There are actually people who have found thousands of  these all over the world!! 
For more details or to get started visit





                                                       A friend of ours has hidden

                                                       a few within the Forest Preserve

                                                       surrounding Bachelors Grove,

                                                       come on out and find them,

                                                       IF YOU CAN!

Directions and Rules

The Path to Bachelors Grove

A little bit about the Grove....

G.P.S.  -    N.  41*  37.854         W. 087* 46.216