The Path to Bachelors Grove



January 10th 2012 was the first time that I had set foot in Bachelors Grove in over 25 years. From that moment on I was truly captivated, intrigued and fascinated with what we now lovingly call BG or The Grove. 

To read more about how this "fascination " with the area totally encaptured us, go to our WHERE THE PATH BEGAN PAGE.

Our first year in Bachelors Grove was 2012. That entire year was spent experiencing the area and the bizarre occurences going on there.  We also talked with hundreds of visitors and many that knew of the area and its history.  During this time spent we got a good feel for the place, a true understanding of what was really going on at the Grove.

Our own personal experience,which we will explain in depth,is what truly made us "look" at the Grove with a different perspective,which has led us to come up with this conclusion.

Sometime in early 2013, out of no where a very deep, inner calling type need to understand more of what was going on and what was behind those in this place gripped me. At that point I swore to do my best to truly understand, explain, PROVE to others one of the more incredible phenomena that we have observed and experienced there. PROVE what was taking place and actually effecting/manipulating people after visiting the cemetery.

A strong drive arose to share our understanding and findings of the strange, other worldly happenings that have been being reported for almost two centuries and to delve deeper into the past to try to prove that this phenomena (as we highly suspect) has been happening for a much longer time than we currently are aware of. 

Some of what we have seen/read/experience, IS NOT GOOD AT ALL. There is a dangerous negativity for some visitors of the Grove that results in life altering events in the time after the visit. 

A quote from Bill S. a close friend, lifetime area resident, local history advisor and regular visitor to the Grove,

" This is not just a cemetery you see on the history channel."

Bill's quote sums up what those of us close to the Grove have known for some time. Something extraordinary but dark lurks at Bachelors Grove Cemetery that is not to be taken lightly. 

We here at the Path to Bachelors Grove  as of January 2018 will now step off a cliff to discuss and explain , for the first time, what no one else has ever addressed. We truly believe THERE ARE NEGATIVE ATTACHMENTS OR ENTITIES NOT OF THIS WORLD, FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION, PARALLEL WORLD or WHEREVER THEY MAY COME FROM, THAT CAN ATTACH THEMSELVES TO YOU AND WREAK HAVOC ON YOU AND YOUR GENERAL EVERY DAY HAPPENINGS.

Prove it? Maybe not.  A difficult task to do that is damn near impossible in the Paranormal spectrum.

But try we will.

We will produce here evidence to support our theory. For those that have never visited the area or do not understand the endless possibilities in this world of things we do not comprehend. 

We vow to put up a detailed and factual defense that will include a timeline of documented events we have discovered in our research, our own firsthand experiences, others personal experiences written in there own words, our discussions with visitors to the area and first hand experiences by our close friends of the Grove.

Please do continue reading with a open mind.  When all is read over and thought about, form your own thoughts/ opinions. 

There are things happening. taking place in our own world that we do not yet fully understand. YET!!!

Negativity & Attachments at

Bachelors Grove Cemetery






​Feb. 2018