The Path to Bachelors Grove


Book By Wendy Moxley Roe

Published by History Press

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The blog is dedicated to housing some of our fantastic Tombstone Tales from our visits to cemeteries across the country and all things funerary we find fascinating!!


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Haunted Joliet Prison is the first book by Wendy Moxley Roe of The Path to Bachelors Grove .  Wendy and Karl first visited the prison in May of 2014. Over the past six years Wendy has researched the prison's history and legendary stories which she  turned into a book during the fall and winter of 2019/20. The book features first hand experiences from inmates,  ghostly sightings at the prison, famous inmates, and a singing ghost! 

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Haunted Joliet Prison
Personal Experiences

The personal side. Here the people will speak and we will share each exciting experience with you. We would love to hear yours too!!  

Clicking the photo to the left will take you to our Tombstone Travels page where you will find  a pictorial listing of cemeteries we have visited. General information is  included as well as links to downloadable maps showing notable burials, our photos of the cemetery, google map link to the locations and links to more history of the cemetery, including  associated local urban legends! Keep checking back as this is a fairly new project and a work in progress!!

Planning a Visit to

Bachelors Grove???

 We designed a Self Guided Tour ​

Brochure that is available to download by clicking the image to the Right. It has step by step instructions on how to find the cemetery and where to park.


It also includes Rules, Regulations, and suggestions on what to expect when visiting the Cemetery and surrounding Forest Preserves.

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Come with us down the path we so often speak of in soft excited voices. Fleeting shapes caught out of the corner of  an eye,  shadowy figures in the trees.  There is so much more beyond Bachelors Grove. 

The Path to Bachelors Grove  

Evolved as a result of a personal passionate interest in Bachelors Grove Cemetery. Our goal has always been to collect in one place as much information/documentation of Bachelors Grove Cemetery as we can. The research we have conducted to locate the information we have collected has lead us to see just how much incorrect information is out there about the Grove. Over time we have developed a keen desire to put straight the misinformation and to distinguish fact from urban legend in an effort to stop bad information from circulating. 

This website is a continuing work in progress. We update and add to it constantly . It has and will continue to be built around personal experiences. stories of our own, of friends and of visitors to Bachelors Grove.

We have met many people with the same interest and passion for this location. Some of these people have become great friends that are among the best people we have ever met. 

There is always something new and interesting happening at Bachelors Grove. Keep checking back with us to see what is going on at the Grove with updates, current photo's, BG personal experiences, historical stories/photos and anything interesting happening in or around Bachelors Grove!

Bachelors Grove is a special place very dear to both of us. We lovingly share all of our knowledge with anyone we can in an effort to honor the dead within the cemetery and to try to preserve and pass on the legend that is Bachelors Grove.​

Thank you again for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

    Updated 7-17-2021

Legend and Lore

Phantom Cars, murdered families, mysterious glowing or​bs, dead bodies in a pond... These are just a few of the countless  tales that have come out of Bachelors Grove over the years. Check out the Legends and Lore page for retellings of Bachelors Grove Urban Legends. 

Families and Faces

 Who are the people that are buried in Bachelors Grove?

 Our family and burial page displays our ongoing research of the families of Bachelors Grove . We have included numbered grids with corresponding burial listings. Historic family photos , public documents and other pertinant information we have located on those buried in the cemetery.

"You can not reach a destination if you don't believe it exists"