Mary (above) and James Rippet (left) Death Certificates


Mary Rippet

         B. April 30, 1840

         D. September 27,1907

James Rippet

        Mary's Son


        D.October 26,1920

Robert Aston

        Marys Father

        Died 1861


Fred Borman

Mentioned in the article Pioneers in Peaceful Rest. Fred Borman died in 1886 and was killed by an Illinois Central train. 

Stephen and Richard Warren were both civil war soldiers. 

Richard with company G, 39th Illinois Infantry. He was a prisoner at the infamous Andersonville prison camp.

Stephen Warren Company B, 1st Illinois light Artillery.  


Hamilton Fulton

          B. 1822

          D. 1876

Mary Fulton

          Died 1896

Martha Weber

          Died 1856

Catherine Weber

Daughter of Martha

          Died 1856


Alphonse Carley


Rosa C. Kollman

          Died 1866

A Photocopy of the cemetery plat at Cook County notes that east half of lot belonged to Geo. Weber


Plat Map Notations list

R. {Robert} Patrick

#36                          *Stone Remains

Mark Ichabod Warren


​Amazetta Curtis Warren


Ezra Warren

                   B. about 1807

                D. November 28, 1883

Susan Warren

(Ezras Wife)

B about 1812

D August 23, 1880

Stephen Warren

Richard Warren

B October 29,1844

D March 3, 1875

Electa and Alma Crandall

Handwritten record by Mark Crandall in October 1880 of his wife and childrens birth and death dates.

# 35

Original Plat Map Notations List the name.

Benjamin Rick


Jane McMurray

                            B. 1831

                            D. 1911

(Nee Fulton (Daughter of Joseph Jr-Brother of John Sr.) Mother of    Samuel's wife below)

Robert McMurray                                                         B. 1830

                    D. 1909  

(Husband of Jane Fulton McMurray)

Samuel Fulton                                                          Son of John Sr.

                    B. July 16 1846

                    D. Sept. 3 1916

                                                                                   Reinterred at First Evangelical                               Lutheran Cemetery Alsip IL

                                                                                                                                             Jennie McMurray Fulton

              B. Apr. 20 1857

              D. Jan. 27 1940

Reinterred at First Evangelical       Lutheran Cemetery Alsip IL

                                                                           Charles Mayfing                                                    B. May 8 1890

               D. Dec. 21 1938

          Reinterred at First Evangelical       

                 Lutheran Cemetery Alsip IL




# 27,28,29,30,31,32,33, 34 Unsold

# 25 

Elizabeth Crandall

 (Nee Schelenger,Mark's wife)

 B. July 8  1826

 D. Aug. 4 1864

Clara Weber  

(daughter of Electa Crandall and grandaughter of Mark and Elizabeth)     

 B. Jan. 9 1885

 D. Jan. 30 1885

Baby Crandall                                         **Although uncertain, We believe this child was Frank Crandall 

                 B. June 8 1853

                  D. Oct. 27 1854

(Son of Elizabeth and Mark)

Alma Crandall

 (Daughter of Mark)

    B. Feb. 12 1863 

                    D. Dec. 13, 1879

The individuals listed above were reinterred on June 6 1892 to Mount Greenwood Cemetery,Chicago. To see photos and burial documentation for the Crandall family visit the Reinterment page by clicking the box below


Frederick Schmidt

(NOTE: photocopy of cemetery plat at Cook County notes that lot was transferred from Everdon (in small handwriting )

to F.Schmidt


David Hulett

Whittemore Hulett

Ida E Hulett


Lorena Ramsdell


Carl August Pankin

Original Plot notations also list the name W. Moak


Edna Wright Hardy Sanderson

Alberts mother

Novemeber 20, 1829-August 30, 1907

Helena Josephine Carlson

May 25, 1870-March 3, 1914

*Helena was reinterred in 1955

Original plot notations list the name A. Hardy

Bachelors Grove Burials

Names of those buried in Bachelors Grove Cemetery in alphabetical order. Clicking on a name will take you to the Lot page containing details, photos and documents pertaining to  the individual and those buried in the lot with them.

BLUE names are ones that have known lot numbers.

RED names are ones that were previously buried in Bachelors Grove Cemetery but were re interred at some point.

GREEN names are burials that were not previously on any other BG burial list . These names are burials we have discovered as well as located official documentation that confirms their burial in Bachelors Grove.




Benger, Charles

Benger, Priscilla {Nee Brooke}

Bormann, Fred

Briggs, Mary {Nee Hamilton}

Buch, Johanna

Buch, Louis

If you would like to find family information for a particular headstone, simply click the photo of choice and it will take you to the page connected to that stone. 

This Blue Island Sun Standard article, Pioneers in Peaceful Rest, from August of 1935 is a key part of documenting who was actually buried in Bachelors Grove.

A reporter does a  walk through with Joseph Fulton as he gives a personal account of his memory of those buried within the cemetery.

Much of what we know about the burials in Bachelors Grove Cemetery is due to the research done by Brad Bettenhausen, President of the Tinley Park Historical Society. Mr. Bettenhausen published his findings in the Fall 1995 edition of Where The Trails Cross. Subsequent research done by us and others is based on his findings.  

The Tinley Park Historical Society houses many artifacts and much information on Bachelors Grove, including a permanent display in their museum. 

For more information, including directions and Museum hours visit our resources page or click the box here:




















​​To use this page to its fullest extent of its purpose please scroll all the way down to read about some of the references you will see through out the burial information. You can access burial pages one of a few ways. Clicking  on a lot number  in the plot map below will take you to a page with the burial information for that lot. Scroll down further to click on photos of the few headstones that remain in the cemetery. Below the photos you will find an alphabetical list of names of those buried in Bachelors Grove, clicking the name will take you to that persons burial information page. If you see an error please feel free to contact us at

The Collection of burial documentation below has been gathered over the last five years. We began with Brad Bettenhausens Bachelors Grove Cemetery edition of Where the Trails Cross published in 1995. 

Slowly over the years and  many hours of research we have gathered together as much information on each burial lot that we can, located 12 burials that were previously unknown to be buried in Bachelors Grove, located photos of missing headstones, revisited historical societies and talked with many people trying to locate/gather/authenticate  any documentation of the cemetery or its burials.

We then archive the information and organize that information here. In itself that has been a task that has taken almost two years to 

get to the point it is as of today 4/6/18. It is a project that is ongoing and will continue to be. ​​

 We are always looking for anyone with information on the burials, cemetery and immediate surrounding area. 

quarry pond

Bachelors Grove

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Record of the Mark Crandall family as given by a decendant

The Path to Bachelors Grove