The Path to Bachelors Grove

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Photo to the left taken right after a heavy thunderstorm quickly rolled through the Cemetery in summer of 2013.     It was beautiful to see in person.



Above is a photo containing the possible capture of a Native American Indian shaman from 9-20-2013.
Since that time we have spoken to two separate “sensitive’s" we have met at the Grove. Both on separate visits have mentioned to us of a "Shaman" that still watches over the area.
If you look closely there is what appears to look like a "key" hanging from around his neck.
A close friend did some research on this topic and has found a Native American name listed in official government documents of an actual existing Native American from the area.  Many thanks go out to this individual for that piece of the puzzle!
Over time we have gotten pieces of information from research or from speaking with someone that tie together with a photo, experience or other piece of history to form possibilities that make some form of crazy B.G. sense.
We have come to view Bachelor’s Grove as an amazing puzzle of history and mystery. Imagine a very large circle made of little circles forming that large circle with enough space between each circle for ten other little circles.
You find some new history, information that you can connect to one of those circles. A few circles connected together here, a few connected together there. This "part" makes a little more sense with those "circles" connected but other areas are vague and void of connecting "circles".
You begin to understand a little here, a little more there.
But this is a location we believe cannot or will not be fully understood ever. For it is that one of a kind location that is what it is for reasons we may never know or fully understand.
As our friend Bill S. is quoted saying "This is not just some cemetery on the History channel."
It is so much more than that and one has to be VERY careful here and at most all locations of a "spooky" nature that are visited.
Do not take the Grove lightly. Give it the caution, love and respect it deserves.
Many of our experiences and photos are personal to us and we still enjoy sharing it all with everyone. It is for those very reasons we do not wish to disclose the name for this possible “Shaman” capture.

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Taken by Wendy on her  first visit to Bachelors Grove. August 26, 2012.

Strange green streak coming out of the split tree. Picture taken by Wendy on her  Birthday, May 7, 2013

The question here is,what is between the split tree? 

Full Spectrum photo taken on 9-13-12.

This is what we believe to be a capture of a Native American, Medicine Man.

Look at the  ^ base of the tree, then to the right of tree going up . Is there someone at the base of the tree? Knees up? Is there "someone" peeking around the tree?  ^ Above right side of photo- who/what is that ? A very interesting shot of what we believe are children playing in the Grove.

Meaning your mind is hard wired from a very early age to recognize human and animals faces out of "chaos'.  It is difficult for the mind to accept random patterns, recognize nothing.Hence, for the more creative, bunnies, clowns, things the mind sees-recognizes when looking at clouds".This "face recognition" kicks into high especially when doing outdoors, foliage, flower, shrubbery, tree, photography. We, along with a few friends have reviewed many others photos of Bachelors Grove along with many of the over  40,000 photos we have taken over the past three years. It is of opinion of this page and some of the regulars of B.G. that it "Pareidolia - seen faces " is just "way too" concentrated within this area for it to be just coincidence.When we see and recognize the same "face" in others photos within other recognizable locations within the cemetery and surrounding fence line. Seen over and over in many photos, it has to make you stop and take a hard deep thought,look again and we have. Where else may the spirits of Bachelors Grove be hiding but in its natural surroundings. Many others photos of "question" from B.G. have some form of recognizable facial distinction in it. One person see's  and points to "this". The other person doesn't see "this' but points to "that". That is also in opinion another confusing characteristic of the Grove.This all of course of 'opinion and of theory" but one that we take serious as others should consider also. One thing is for sure,, the more anyone knows of the "paranormal", the more it is we know, we do not know. We do know that"most anything" is possible. Quantum physics now states that one 'thing" can be in two different locations molecularly.  The photos from Bachelors Grove with some sort of "face" seen in it are seemingly endless over the years. Can it all be "Pareidolia"? It is easy for one whom has never been to Bachelors Grove or has not reviewed many photos from B.G. to say yes it is. It's what we. they are told to believe. Try this next time with a friend with a Bachelors Grove photo. Review it separately, then together. See what each may see. Point to one "face" you may see, then see if they see the same thing ,something else or nothing at all.

Review it closely, as in close up and then step back away from the photo and see what you see may both see.

It is how ones mind interprets things and also we believe a "true mystique" of Bachelors Grove.

These three I.R. shots were taken on 8-8-12 near the west fence line. This is possible Pareidolia for many say this "figure" is nothing more than the tree trunks. Follow them up and down. It is possible, but one thing. Why is the top rail of the fence seen going left to right. As the "figure" looks to be inside of fence line and tops of the trees look outside of the fence line. Bachelors Grove has a way of tricking , confusing the eye, mind. one person sees it as one thing and another person seeing something totally different. It's not just perception. The Grove has a little to do with it. But what does make this worthy of mention is that i did photograph a similar "figure"  with the "pointed shoulders" along the South fence line near the entrance on a different date.

This photo is up there on the ' oh wow " list. It was taken on 9-3-12 with the Bell & Howell I.R.  Standing on the main path, shooting to the immediate right (East)as soon as you enter the cemetery. Wheeler  marker in photo.Upper left is the original shot.

I was down low shooting about knee high for a different perspective. To the middle right of the photo, you will clearly see what looks to be two people in the grass.After reviewing this photo we returned the next week to "recreate" the shot. I know for fact, there were no "real people" in this shot when taken.  "These people" appear to be about 5 to 7 feet behind the Wheeler stone just off to the right.  When we did return , and stood in the close proximity of the area, and took the shot, "the person" was seen from the waist down.

And for a person to look that small in the grass, even standing all the way along the East fence,all you saw was from  waist and above.If you look closely you can see "they" are within the grass, some of it even obstructing them.Some describe these "people" as a possible Fur trapper or civil war soldier,by the looks of the 'mans hat". The woman as a 'possible Indian - guide "  As you can see the detail in his 'beard and facial features". There are many photos  of what seem to be "tiny people' taken within the cemetery area.  Are these two of them ?

3-17-13 This is in the North West corner of the cemetery. It was not seen when the photo was taken. Pareidolia - Or Bachelors Grove coincidence.      What do you see?

Photo taken with a  Bell & Howel Infra -Red camera. snow babies. We are gathering up a "official" number of babies under the age of one year old,but we can safely say it to be at least ten buried within Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

The lower left I.R. original, un-cropped  photo was taken on 2-18-12.

Kindly give it a close full review.   LOOK GOOD !

Fall 2012     I.R. Photo taken with the South East fence line in the background. Another photo to consider. Is there another "someone" looking in ? 

Full spectrum shot taken 6-24-12 near the Moss stone. 

Take a close look, then step back and take another look. What do you see?

3.     original below

        original shot below 

​1.       original shot above


2-18-12 seemed to be a very active day if these photo's say anything of the day. This "shadow figure" was not seen when taking the photo. But fall 2013 and winter 2014 has had a number of first hand accounts of sightings of "a tall man in a brown suit " the shadow man".  We got our own official first sighting on 1-19-14, a quick glimpse from a distance. After seeing it ourselves and showing this photo to the others we know that had a sighting,well it seems to be him making a return. We know of one other person that has, had a photo like this taken in 2012  also.

The three groups of photos above, middle & below were all taken on 5-13-12 with the I.R. - Bell & Howell camera.

As previously mentioned on the Legends and Lore page, it is often spoke of the feeling of "being watched' when at Bachelors Grove. Be it on the path,in the cemetery or in the woods. It doesn't matter where you are.

Well are we being watched??

Original photo to the left. Others photos are cropped to enlarge. Taken 10-2-12 with a Bell & Howel I.R. camera. Standing on path near center of cemetery, shooting towards S.W. corner. Possible "shadow person" not seen in our field of vision at the time, for we rarely look through the camera viewfinder. I look as I point and take a shot.

Take a look at the above "family"photo, and look at the others again. Who - what is "peeking" around from BEHIND THE TREE?

Below and to the right are cropped and tonal curved versions to "highlight ", what is there.

Single "orb" taken with a I.R. camera, deep in the woods South of the cemetery. 



This page is dedicated to the possible photographicevidence of what keeps Bachelors Grove in the Top Ten lists as of one of the most "haunted" cemeteries in the world. Some of the photos below will surely make you take a second look and possibly  come away with a different opinion than you had when you came here. The mind interprets many things in many different ways.

 What is it that you see?

We have included below a text book definition of Pareidolia = Matrixing.