The Path to Bachelors Grove

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Bachelors Grove Beanie Baby


Tinley Park Historical Society

K with the statue

The Finished Lady

The Top Obelisk Stone From The Moss Marker at The T.P.H.S. 

Monuments similar to the Bachelors Grove Fulton marker .

It is often asked why the Fulton stone is 'half" finished, if it was left that way on purpose.

From the  other monuments we have seen while visiting other cemeteries this is a definite particular style made this way. The stones pictured here are in Concordia Cemetery in Forest Park, IL.

The Moss stone to the right is at the Tinley Park Historical Society where we began our research and collected much information that has been the foundation of our ongoing efforts. The staff  was very kind and helpful. We learned as much from them as we did the documents in the files. 

There is also a small museum in the back  of the church displaying memoirs and artifacts gathered from patrons. 

We have donated a few found B.G. items to the museum to add to their collection. When time allows you should go visit this location. They are open every Wednesday from 10 am to 2pm and from 1pm to 3pm on the first Sunday of the month.

Bachelors Grove calendar



Dates written on the bottom of the statue

The Blessing 

Prayer for restless spirits I painted on the back of the statue

Telling our story to the priest

Found in the creek on 9-10-2013. 

Buried in ground ,never to be found again.

B.G. Article in "Unknown" Magazine 

In a winter 1998 copy of UNKNOWN magazine who's Publisher,Editor and Art Director is Chicago native Chris Fleming,writer Bob Madia tells of his night in B.G. 

The author  goes on to tell of "approaching unseen footsteps" and of how it was warm and "muddy outside of the cemetery, but "cold and frozen ground" inside the cemetery.

Whats really cool is this magazine was available to the U.K.  JAPAN, CANADA, MEXICO,Basically worldwide.

1970's Bachelors Grove Photo's

The photo slideshow to the right, courtesy of Robert Patterson of Chicago , clearly documents just how bad of shape the Grove is already in by the mid  to late 1970's.

It is believed to be 1977 when the second chain link fence went up as the cemetery perimeter. In these photos the gate and fence look very new and still in great shape. 

The photos also show a vehicle within the cemetery showing just how easy it was to get a car inside and if one wanted to, back right up to a tombstone, open your trunk and push one over into it. Cars back in the day had a heavy suspension and real real big trunks. A very possible explanation of how some of the larger markers disappeared from the cemetery.

Old Automobile Water Pump Found in Creek

A old timer mechanic looked this over and stated it is a  water pump from the late 20's early 30's. He could tell because of the little cap that's on it for priming the pump. Possibly a Model A Ford,but could have come off of anything as all of the manufactures were making cars then.

Bachelors Grove Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is no joke. It is hot and it is good.

​Professionally manufactured at a plant a friend is management at.

He takes my photo, gives it to his graphic designer

and BAM!!

B.G. Hot Sauce. Read the ingredients.  It's out of this world.

The Statue after being cleaned

The statue before being cleaned

Statue in the creek bank

We returned the statue on Thursday December 20, 2012. We chose a spot where she would be safe and can watch over the cemetery. 

In October 2012 during a weekly trip to Bachelors Grove,  Karl and I  walked to the "spooky tree" for the very first time. That day we talked of a Virgin Mary statue that was rumored to have sat in the tree for many years but was now missing.  A few weeks later on November 11, 2012, Karl , my daughter Sam and I took this same hike to the tree. On our way back Karl was a little bit ahead of us when he called me to come see something he found. While walking at a brisk pace he had suddenly stopped, turned and imbedded in the creek bank was the statue we had talked about that first day. 

I brought the statue home for Sam to clean up but found myself intrigued by it. I did some research and found out that this statue represents a hispanic version of the Virgin Mary, Guadalupe. I cleaned, painted and restored the statue over the next week. When I finished is when the real story begins. An amazing chain of events that changed my life and started a path to healing and happiness.  

The Horse Shoe

In November of 2013 we began talking about putting this website together. Our weekly trip to the Grove this particular Saturday we both walked our separate ways in unknowingly  wondering  the same thing as the other. Is all of this worth it?  How much longer   should we continue coming here. Karl no longer walks in on the path, he centers and grounds himself as he enters from near the pond. I walk the path in. After saying our  greetings in the cemetery we took our usual trek down the creek. As we crossed the creek K says "We need a sign. A sign that we are doing the right thing, following the right path."

This place has a way of drawing certain people in. So many before us have become obsessive about this location and out of control to eventually walking away completely. We often talk about if we have this B.G. obsession. Are we crazy?? Possibly. All I know is that we love this place and as difficult as this road has sometimes been, it always comes back to the good. The times BG has put smiles on our faces and laughter in our hearts far outweighs the bad we have encountered. 

After K expressed our need for a sign, we continued a short bit south along the bank of the creek. Less than five minuets later we stopped and chatted for a moment standing at the very edge of the water. K then walked away continuing down stream and I happened to look down at the water. At the very tip of my right boot was this horse shoe. (pictured left). What other symbol epitomizes good Luck? Question asked, answer given. We are on the right path. The Grove has a way of answering deep ,true heartfelt questions in its own way. This is just the latest of our amazing journey at this location. What ever lies ahead we know we've done this with good intentions and will continue down The Path to Bachelors Grove.

  Santa visits Bachelors Grove

Holiday decorations  and fun times from Christmas 2012 & 2013. 

Ghost Adventures visits Bachelors Grove 

The Ghost Adventures crew spends two nights filming in the Grove in the summer of 2012. While they spent most of their time in the woods chasing and possibly capturing the reported ghost lights known to be seen in the area. G.A.C. hardly spent any time within the cemetery or the  immediate area around the fence perimeter. Over the years their has been reported activity all over the area,but most reported activity seems to be concentrated in and near this tiny one acre cemetery. G.A.C.  also is gaining a reputation of not being the most honest realistic of the "paranormal ghost hunting"  shows. The Grove  still has to be high up on the list of "haunted " locations for the crew to visit. Most opinions of their visit are the crew did not capture the true essence of the possibilities that the Grove is "infamously" known for. And we agree !!

The first day we walked to the "Spooky tree"

This creamer pitcher was found by Karl K in fall of 2012. As we walked along the creek that day Karl bent to pick up what was a glass shard and pulled up this lovely piece completely intact, not a chip to be found. A little research showed that the creamer is from Greenwood China Company and was made between 1915 & 1923. The date on the bottom is the date for the patent for the design pattern.

Our Lady of Bachelors Grove

2011 Topps  Allen & Ginter's Uninvited Guest Card Series

In 2011 Topps released this set of spooky trading cards featuring some of Americas most haunted locations, one of which is our very own Bachelors Grove. The photos used on the Bachelors Grove and Lemp Mansion cards were taken by Chicagos own Matt Hucke, co author of Graveyards of Chicago.

B.G. Birthday cake for K's 51ST

Boyscout Big Foot Trail Patch circa 1970's.

The green cross represents 

​Bachelors Grove.


Bachelors Grove Neon Sign

2013 Christmas Gift by a good friend for K 

Sign made by Kurt P.

This sign is 2 ft x 4 ft.