The Path to Bachelors Grove

Bachelors Grove 

bachelors grove 

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Below are some of the  captured moments we've had seeing nature in a rare form. Cayotes, Blue Herrons, a swarm of tadpoles by the hundreds and crazy colored mushrooms.

If you visit Bachelors Grove, make sure you explore the trails in the woods surrounding the cemetery. You never know what amazing things you may see. 

A baby brown snake encountered on a fall day at the entrance to the path that leads to Bachelors Grove

One of the biggest over looked traits of Bachelors Grove is it's natural beauty and abundance of wild life. Here we have shared our photographs of favorite scenic moments from days  spent at the Grove.

We've spent many full days exploring and photographing Bachelors Grove and the area surrounding the cemetery. A place that has such a dark reputation of death and destruction is also full of sunshine and LIFE!!

A small creek runs along the west side of the cemetery fence line. On the north side a pond which is a host to many different animals throughout the year.

A muskrat we dubbed the BG pond monster decided one winter day that we were invading "his" pond and tried to chase us away!  The summer months bring tadpoles that migrate from the creek to the pond when the grow in to boisterous bullfrogs.

The warm weather brings many different indigenous flowers and greenery. Of course where there are flowers there will be a variety of insects and where there are insects there are many types of birds.

Life of the Grove​

Scenic and Wildlife Photos