Chicago Tribune,

January 25, 1944

Luella Rogers

 Nee Fulton, of Tinley Park, fond sister of Minnie Argile of Chicago and Bert Fulton of Tinley Park , Resting at late residence, 16800 Oak Park Avenue. Services Wednesday January 26, 2 P.M., at Tinley Park Methodist Church. Interment Bahelors Grove Cemetery. 

John Fulton, Jr.

Hulda Fulton

Johnnie B. Fulton

Emma Fulton

Daniel W. Rogers

Luella Fulton Rogers

Marci May Fulton

"Gods Lovely Bud so young and fair" 

Emma Fultons stone no longer rests in Bachelors Grove Cemetery. Stolen at an unknown date and later found in 1991, the stone now resides safely inside a display case at the Tinley Park Historical Society Museum. 

3. Marci May Fulton

Stone remains, pictured right

Daughter of Bertrand (son of

Hulda and John Fulton, Jr.) 

and Karthryn Vogt Fulton

B: 1914

D: 1914

8. Daniel W. Rogers

Husband of Luella Fulton

B: 1866

D: September 1923


6. Johnnie B. Fulton

Son of Hulda &

John Fulton, Jr.

B:  4 Dec 1882

D:  28 Feb 1891

7. Luella Rogers {nee Fulton}

​Pictured above, back row, far right

Daughter of Hulda & John Fulton, Jr.

B: 22 Jan 1879

D: 23 Jan 1944

4. Emma Fulton

Daughter of Hulda &

John Fulton, Jr.

B: 26 Aug 1867

D: 10 Sep 1867

5. Frank J. Fulton

Son of Hulda & 

John Fulton, Jr.

B:  21 Sep 1874

D:  22 May 1906

2. Hulda Fulton {nee Turney}

Pictured above left

B :  20 Jul 1849

D:   3 Feb 1919

1.  John Fulton, Jr. 

Pictured below right

​Stone remains, Pictured above

​Married Hulda Turney 8 Nov 1866

B:   8 Dec 1838

D:  3 Jan 1922

Above: Hulda and John Fulton, Jr. Golden wedding Anniversary Party

November  8, 1916

Left to Right

Front row: Hulda Turney Fulton and John Fulton Jr.

Back Row: Minnie Fulton Argyle, Bertrand Fulton and Luella Fulton Rogers

​Photo courtesy of Tinley Park Historical Society

The Fulton Stone

Three stones remain on lot #15 in Bachelors grove.  

The large gray granite main family stone bears the Fulton name on the north side of the stone.

Two small individual markers remain as well.  

The John Fulton, Jr. headstone reads "Father" 1838-1922. The stone  faces East and sits at the north east corner of the main stone. 

The infamous Infant Daughters stone that belongs to Marci May Fulton, infant granddaughter of John and Hulda, sits on the west side of the main stone. inscription facing west.

Photos taken in 1969 show a small stone on the east side of the maine stone. Inscribed  "Mother" 1849-1919.From the dates the stone would have belonged to Hulda Fulton. The stone was documented as being missing as of May 1994 when the cemetery was read by Brad Bettenhausen.

Lot #15
The  John Fulton, Jr. Family
The Path to Bachelors Grove

Hulda and John had six Children  between

the years 1867 and 1887;  Emma, Minnie, Frank, Luella, Johnnie B and Bertrand. 

Four of the six are buried with them in this 

lot and one grand daughter.

Blue Island Sun Standard

December 29, 1921

Frank J. Fulton

Photo below Hulda and John Fulton Jr on

on their 50th wedding anniversary

Photo courtesy of  Tinley Park Historical Society


Back row, second from the left is

Kathryn Vogt Fulton, Mother of 

Marci May who is buried beneath

the infamous Infant Daughter stone.

Marics Father, Bert Fulton, is  also pictured here, front row, far left.