The Path to Bachelors Grove

Above: John Hamilton and Alma Lucas Marriage index from

William Hamilton???

B: 1865

D: 1902

Blue Island Sun Standard

December 3, 1925

Original Plat map notations show the name 

Wm. Hamilton

Above: Photocopy from Ferdinand Schappers 

Mary Jane Briggs {Nee Hamilton}

Daughter of William

B: Unknown

D: Unknown

Below are other possible interments for lot #16.  The following members of the William Hamilton family have been linked to being Buried in Bachelors Grove but so far no evidence has surfaced to support it other than names written on an old plot map. 

One of Bachelors Grove's many burial mysteries, the stone pictured to the left sits in the south east corner of the cemetery that is lot #60.  The name on the stone is that of a William Hamilton. 

 It has been speculated that this stone has been moved from lot #16 because of the matching name and that it belongs to the son of Patriarch William Hamilton of  lot #16.


 But an 1860's census (below left)  shows that William Hamiltons son, William, was 21 yrs old that year. This would make his birth year 1839. Not matching the birth date on this stone. 

So who really does this stone belong to?

As of yet we have not located any information that is a match to the name and dates on this stone. 

5. John P. Roberson

Married Margaret Hamilton (above) 1881

B: 31 Dec 1848

D: 16 Oct 1917

4. Margaret Roberson {Nee Hamilton}

Daughter of William

B: 7 Feb 1847

D: 29 May 1922

Photocopy from Ferdinand Schappers  Manuscript listing the members of the elder William Hamilton family . 

Above: A paragraph from the 1935 Blue Island Sun Standard article Pioneers in Peaceful Rest.

  A reporter for the paper  walked through Bachelors Grove as Joseph Fulton  accompanied him,giving an account of those buried in the cemetery.  Here he mentions the Hamilton family plot. 

1. William Hamilton

B: About 1807

D: Unknown

 As with other lots, records

for the Hamilton family members are few and the information scarce. What is known about who is buried in lot #16  has been pieced together from a few different sources.  

The five individuals  listed first have some documentation of being buried in Bachelors Grove Cemetery.   There  are also a few that may be buried in this lot but have no evidence showing that they were. 

Blue Island Sun Standard

June, 10 1954

3. Alma G. Hamilton {Nee  Lucas}

B: 9 Jun 1857

D: 7 Jun 1954

Chicago Tribune 

November 29, 1925

HAMILTON- John Hamilton , Nov. 28, beloved husband of Alma G., devoted father of Emily H. Morris of Chicago, John Emerson of San Fransico, and the late Florence Rohrer of San Diego. Funeral services at 174 Walnut St., Blue Island, Tuesday at 2:30. Interment Bachelors

Grove Cemetery.

 John Hamiltons stone (pictured above) was one of the many stones that have gone missing from Bachelors Grove.  

In July of 2013, it was discovered that the stone had been sitting in the back yard of a Joliet home for an estimated 23 years.  Upon learning of the stones origin, the home owner made arrangements for the stone to be returned to the cemetery.

On July 11, 2013 John Hamiltons stone was returned to Bachelors Grove. The stone was placed close to where it is believed to have originally stood. 

2. John Hamilton

B: 27 Jul 1842

D: 28 Dec 1925

​Married Alma Georgiana Lucas 16 Nov 1882


William Hamilton

 Dr. Chester Huckins Morris

J.P. Roberson

Margaret Roberson

Mary Briggs

Alma G. Hamilton

John Hamilton

Lot #16