The Path to Bachelors Grove

Right: Obituary for Frank Shields from the December 15, 1938 edition of the Blue Island Sun Standard

Left: Obituary for Anna Shields from the March 27, 1952 edition of the Blue Island Sun Standard

Left: Obituary for Thomas Shields from the December 12, 1946 edition of the Blue Island Sun Standard

Left: Obituary for Charles Shields from the December 1, 1955 edition of the Blue Island Sun Standard.

Below: Elizabeth Shields obituary from the

Chicago Daily Tribune  May 1959

Robert Shields was the last burialon record in Bachelors Grove


Article Left:

Blue Island Sun Standard

June 7, 1918

Below: From Ferdinand Schappers Manuscript Southern Cook County before the Civil War.

The following biographical information is from

 Ferdinand Schappers 1917 Manuscript Southern Cook County and History of Blue Island before the Civil War Volume 2  :

George Turley      Blue Island about 1852

"He was a Negro fiddler. He, with his fiddle, and Joe Natteau, a Frenchman, with his accordion, played at dances that were given nearly every Thursday evening while the Rock Island  was being constructed through here. Later he worked for Francis V. Minard for years. He died and was buried at Bachelors Grove. 

George Turley

​B: Unknown

​D: Unknown

2. Nellie L. Minard

B: 21 December 1864

D: 10 October 1886

Margaret and Nellie Minard were originally buried in this lot before the Shields. Margaret is the daughter of Dexter Gilson, who was the first owner of lot #17 . Original plat map notations for the cemetery showed that owenership was transferred at some point to Sarah Shields.

Both the Minards were  reinterred at Mount Greenwood Cemetery in Chicago, on 29 August, 1889.

1. Margaret L. Minard {nee Gilson}

B: 4 July 1839

D: 8 June 1877

Southtown Economist

October 12, 1989

Robert E. Shields, 71 yrs., of Blue Island. Son of the late Charles B. and the late Elizabeth (nee Martin); brother of Charles W. (Ada) of Connecticut. Visitation Saturday 1 to 3 PM at Krueger Funeral Home, 13050 Greenwood Ave., Blue Island. Cremation private.

Blue Island Sun Standard

May 21, 1959

8. Elizabeth  Shields {Nee Martin}

B: 8 Apr 1881

D: 17 May 1959

9. Robert E. Shields

Son of Charles and Elizabeth

B: 12 Dec 1917

D: 10 Oct 1989

7. Charles Baxter Shields

Son of William and Sarah

B: 20 Jun 1868

D: 26 Nov 1955

Married Elizabeth Martin 1900

James H. Sheilds

Frank Shields

Thomas W. Shields

Anna Shields

Charles B. Shields

Elizabeth M. Shields

Robert E. Shields

William H. Shields

Sarah Shields

East side of the Stone:

Right: 1880 Census listing names and ages of William and Sarahs Children this year. The ages given match the Birth years on the stone.

The following three names and dates are etched on the west side of the Shields stone. All three are children of William and Sarah Shields but other than the dates given on the stone no other information is known about these individuals at this time. 

6. Anna Shields 

B: 14 Mar 1871

D: 24 Mar 1952

5. Thomas W. Shields

B: 3 Sept 1863

D: 11 Dec 1946

4. Frank Shields

B: 27 Aug 1873

D: 30 Nov 1938

3. James H. Shields

B: 18 Apr 1865

D: 1 Jun 1918

Blue Island Sun Standard

December 25, 1924

**  The marriage date given for William and Sarah in this obituary may be incorrect. The 1900 census pictured to the right gives the year as 1864

2. Sarah Shields {Nee Moss}

B: 10 Dec 1841

D: 22 Dec 1924

Blue Island Sun Standard

June 8 1922

William H. Shields, aged 82, six months, died at 175 Prairie St., after an illness of stomach trouble. Funeral was held Tuesday with burial in Bachelors Grove.

West side of the stone:

1. William H. Shields

B: 8 Nov 1839

D: 3 Jun 1922

​Married Sarah Moss December 2, 1864

Lot #17