The Path to Bachelors Grove

Excerpt about the Crandall family  from the 1935 article Pioneers in Peaceful Rest 

The Crandall family stone at Mt. Greenwood Cemetery. For more info and photos of the Crandall family plot in Mt. Greenwood click the photo of the headstone to the right>

5. Myron Crandall ​​

B: Jan 1876

D: 13 Oct 1876

Alma and Electa Crandall

4. Frank Crandall

B: 8 Jun 1853

D: 27 Oct 1854

2. Alma Crandall

(Pictured Right)

B: 12 Feb 1863

D: .13 Dec 1879

1. Elizabeth Crandall {nee Schelenger}

B: 8 Jul 1826

D: 4 Aug 1864

3. Clara Webber

(infant daughter of Electa Crandall, Electa is pictured with her sister Alma above right)

B: 8 Jan 1885 

D: 30 Jan 1885

Lot #25

The members of the Crandall family listed here were originally buried in Bachelors Grove but  were  reinterred at Mt. Greenwood Cemetery, Chicago, Il  on June 6, 1892. Re interrment burial records at Mt. Greenwood show that in addition to those listed in the Bachelors Grove Where the Trails Cross, two other Crandall children were removed from Bachelors Grove Cemetery .  (burial documents below, all with same interrment dates)