Above: Excerpt from the 1935 News Article Pioneers in Peaceful Rest, where a reporter walked Bachelors Grove Cemetery with Joseph Fulton and recorded some of the historical burials sand Josephs' first hand accounts of burials at the time. 

Joseph was a life time local. His parents and sister are buried in Bachelors Grove cemetery along with many of his other Fulton relatives.

The Path to Bachelors Grove

Fred Borman

Lot # 40

Fred Borman

B: 1842

D: 1886

The names Stratton, Boriscmidt, and Mrs. H. Groskopf appear hand written on the original plat map.
The name Borman also appears on this lot in a Cook County  photocopy of the cemetery plat.

The 1935 article Blue Island Sun Standard Article Pioneers in Peaceful rest mentions that Fred Borman died in 1886 and that he was killed by an Illinois Central train.

To date this is the only evidence known to show Mr. Borman to be buried in Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

No information is known about the other names on the plat map