Lots # 7, 53, 66 & 71 all have the name  Frundle  written in them on the Bachelors Grove Cemetery plat map.   The lot descriptions on this plat map are the following

Lot #7 -Frundle written in blue ink.

Lot #53   "Sold to Lester Frundle, June 1958" [written in blue ink then crossed out.]

Lot #71  "Lester Frundle June 1958" [ in blue ink but also crossed out.]

Lot #66  "Lester Frundle, June 1958  Posen " [in blue ink]

Lester Frundle is not buried in Bachelors Grove Cemetery. Our research shows that he is buried in Homewood Memorial but seven members of his family are buried in Bachelors Grove Cemetery. His Grandparents August and Margaret Aschenbach are buried in Lot #6.

Although we do not know for a fact which lots Lois and her sons are buried in we 

We believe Lois is in lot #7 and possibly her youngest son James. 

Howard and William in lot #66. 

This is our best guess. To keep the family information together we put all burial information for Lois , Howard, William and James on one page here : FRUNDLE   

Lester Frundle

Lots #53, #66, #71

The Path to Bachelors Grove