Louis Hageman

B: 25 Jan 1848

D: 14 Feb 1929

Hageman /Cool

The Path to Bachelors Grove

David Hageman 

Cook County, IL Death Index

Lot #56

Olivia Anderson Obituary

Chicago Tribune

Febuary 19,1952

Rudolf Anderson 

Cook County, IL Death Index

David Ward Hageman 

(Louis and Alberta's son)

B: 23 Apr 1880

D: 09 Mar 1939

We have located Four new burials in this lot in the past year {2016-17}.

Alberta Hageman {Nee} Hulett, Wife of Louis
David Ward Hageman, Son of Louis & Alberta
Olivia C. Anderson {Nee} Hageman (daughter of Louis & Alberta)
Rudolph Knute Anderson (husband of Olivia)

Olivia Anderson {Nee Hageman}

(daughter of Louis and Alberta)

B: 16 Feb 1882

D: 18 Feb 1952

David Hageman Obituary

Chicago Daily Tribune

March 1939

Olive Anderson Obituary

Blue Island Sun Standard

February 21, 1952

Olivia Hageman Married

Rudolf Anderson  November 22,1906

According to Brad Bettenhausen's  1996 Cemetery research published in Where the Trails Cross the notations on the original plot map say that the lot was transferred from Ben. Cool to L (Louis) Hageman.  Below this is the name Anderson in blue ink.  

Bettenhausen also states that the following names appear on lot #56 on the Cook County copy of the original plot map as well: 

J. Noble (crossed out),

Ben. Cool (crossed out)

L. Hageman,

G. Anderson (written at the bottom of the lot)


Alberta Hageman {Nee Hulett} 

Wife of Louis Hageman

B: Mar 1854

D:2 Nov 1914

Alberta Hageman

Cook County, IL  Death Index

​​​The Cool Family

Originally this lot belonged to Benjamin Cool. Four members of the Cool family were buried in this lot between 1862 and 1881.  On September 9, 1887 all members of the Cool family were removed from Bachelors Grove Cemetery and re- interred at Mt. Greenwood.

To read more about the Cool family and others that were moved from Bachelors Grove Cemetery click the photo to the right. 

Alberta Hageman Obituary

Blue Island Sun Standard 

November 6, 1914

Rudolf Knute Anderson

(husband of Olivia)

B: 30 Apr 1885

D: 13 Nov 1918