The Path to Bachelors Grove

Jane Fulton

Joseph Fulton

Chauncey Wheeler
B: January 3, 1851

D: January 5, 1929

Lot #57

Jane Fulton {Nee Johnson}

B: 1815

D: December 10, 1897

The photo to left was taken after vandals knocked over and spray painted headstones in Bachelors Grove Cemetery. 

the Wheeler stone would be just behind the police office

Chauncey Wheeler

John Fulton Sr.

B: 1813

D: 1883

Joseph Fulton
(Father of John Sr.)

B: 1772

D: October 15, 1852


Robert Fulton
(Son of John Sr.)

B: March 8, 1854

D: September 26, 1885

Photo above from Daily News 9-2-66

photo supplied by P. Crapia

Ella Wheeler {Nee Fulton}
Daughter of John Sr.

B: April 1856

D: May 26 1928

Robert Fulton

Chauncey Wheeler married Ella Fulton on December 26, 1881

Robert Fulton Fulton died when he was only 31 years old after committing suicide by jumping in front of  a Rock Island train. Robert is one of four people in Bachelors Grove that died as the result of a train involved accident.

Ella Fulton Wheeler

Lot #57 and 62 are side by side lot that sit to the right of the main path about 25 feet in from the main gate. They are identifiable by the gray granite stone bearing the Wheeler name,the only identifiable stone left on the lot. There are two stones within close proximity to the Wheeler stone. They are presumably the bases (pictured below with the now toppled Wheeler stone) that are in the older photos below. The photos are from a 1972 Blue Island Sun Standard news article about Bachelors Grove and show headstones that would have belonged to members of the John Fulton  Sr. family that are buried in these lots. 

 Chauncey Wheeler

Below: Excerpt from the 1935 Blue Island Sun Standard article Pioneers in Peaceful Rest. Original article can be found here: Burial Documentaion

Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916-1947

John Fulton Sr.