The Path to Bachelors Grove

Lot #59

Many of the Crandall family that were buried in Bachelors Grove Cemetery were moved to Mount Greenwood in 1897. 

Some BG burial information lists Alvah as being moved with the others, but Mount Greenwood Cemetery (where the other Crandalls were re interred) burial records do not show Alvah as being buried in the family plot their.

We believe he stills rest in Bachelors Grove lot #59.  

Alva was buried 1845 and the others re interred in 1897. That is more than 50 years. We would guess that they possibly felt that to much time had already passed for them to remove his body. 

Alvah Crandall

Alvah Crandall

B: 20 Jul 1804

D: 1845