The Path to Bachelors Grove

One of Bachelors Grove's many burial mysteries, the stone pictured above physical sits in the south east corner of the cemetery that is lot #60.  

The name on the stone is that of a William Hamilton. 
 It has been speculated that this stone has been moved from lot #16 because of the matching  Family name and that it belongs to the son of Patriarch William Hamilton of  lot #16.
 But an 1860's census shows that William Hamilton's son, William, was 21 yrs old that year. This would make his birth year 1839. Not matching the birth date on this stone. 

So who really does this stone belong to?

As of yet we have not located any information that is a match to the name and dates on this stone. 


William Hamilton



Chicago Democrat; 20 Nov 1836

"Died on the instand at Bachelors Grove, Cook County, William B. Nobles, aged 37 years. {Schapper Manuscript, page 208}

From Brad Bettenhausen's Where the Trails Cross 

Mentioned in Pioneers in Peaceful Rest Article from 1935 

"The earliest date noticed in the cemetery was that of William B. Nobles who died in 1838 at the age of 36."

Lot #60

William B. Nobles

B:  abt

D:  1836