John Rick

B: 18 Jan 1870

D: 7 Jul 1941

Mary Ellen Rick {Nee Hopkins}

B: 3  Jun 1883

D:  9 Oct 1948

Lot #77

Married 23 Nov 1910

Mary Ellen Rick


John Rick

The Path to Bachelors Grove

Pictured left is the headstone for John and Mary Rick that has been missing for many years. This black and white photo was taken by a woman who visited the cemetery in the 60's with her Girl Scout troop for a clean up. 

It is one of the possible hundreds of stones that are missing from Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

Pictured right is John and his wife Mary Ellen Rick (background). with his brother William and William's  Second wife Theresa.

The photo, located at Tinley Park Historical Society by Charles Williams, was taken about 1910. 

William and his first wife Mary {Nee Cague} are buried nearby in lot #73 of Bachelors Grove Cemetery.