The Path to Bachelors Grove

Photo of Irving and Hattie Adams with 3 of their children, Hattie ,  Irving W. and May. Photo courtesy of  Elaine Brinkman. A Big Thank You to all of the family of Hattie Adams White for supplying correct burial information on lot #82.


Esther Adams

May Adams

Daughter of Hattie Therese and Irving Adams

B: 1907

D: 29 Sept 1909

Hattie Julia Strutzenberg

Hattie Theresa Strutzenberg Adams

Lot #82

Esther Adams  

Daughter of Hattie Therese and Irving Adams

B: 19 Jan 1912

D: 30 Jul 1913

Hattie Therese Strutzenberg  Adams story is another of Bachelors Groves sad ones.  Hattie  married Irving Walter Adams in 1904 at the age of 15. The  picture above is estimated to have been taken about 1908.

They had 6 children between the years of 1905 and 1912.  Three of the six died in the 18 months before Hattie Died in 1913 from complications due to Teburculosis. Hattie (the Adult and mom in the photo above) is buried in lot #82, which is located in the very southwest corner of the cemetery. Buried with her are her daughter Esther , daughter May and an infant ,Hattie Julia Strutzenberg. 

The name Hattie was a tradition in the family as our research shows there were several. 

The adult Hattie pictured above is niece to Daniel Newman, who is buried in the lot north of the Strutzenberg lot. 

Hattie Therese Adams {Nee Strutzenberg}

B: 13 Jul 1888

D: 21 Dec 1913

Hattie Julia Strutzenberg

B: 2 Feb 1909

D: 3 Feb 1909

Relationship to above family  members currently unknown (4/12/18)