I have gone to Bachelor Grove Cemetery about 20 times. At that time I live on the north side of Chicago and drove one hour to the cemetery. I made a Bachelor Grove Cemetery map, took many many pictures , infrared film and black& white high speed films. I felt they knew me. I got some faces, figures in photos and felt a cold spot for a few seconds during a hot summer. I believe I did see the dissapearing house clearly on the side and when I turned around it was gone. 

My first visit Bachelors Grove Cemetey I think was 1997 and the last time was 2003. I haven't gone there for 15 years because it bothers me too much.

 "This is what the car looked like"  Dan Creek  submitted the above photo and map along with his story. The car pictured above matches the description of the car he saw in 1983.  

Date of Occurence: Late 1997-2003

Experience submitted by:

​John Cachel

Cemetery map drawn by John Cachel in 1998 

Date of Occurence:  2010

Experience submitted by:  Mark   Michon

I remember one late summer day in 1983, driving from my girlfriend’s apartment at 147th and Central, I drove west to Ridgeland then north towards 135th.
This Ridgeland had limited access with the only intersection at 147th, 143rd and 135th street and a Forest Preserve entrance.
As I recall it, I drove north on Ridgeland at about and off to my right I saw an entrance to a Forest Preserve. The chain was across the entrance, and a stunning Yellow and white 1953 Buick Special was parked facing north outside of the chain. The car was not one I really liked, but it was stunning in its appearance, shiny, rust free and in immaculate condition. Even though I didn’t really like it, it was stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.
After I passed the car, I looked in my rear view mirror to see it from the front and it was gone! I was amazed; there was nowhere for the car to go. The road was clear, no on ahead or behind me for a half mile in either direction.
Was this the ghost car from Bachelor’s Grove?

35 years later, my recollection doesn’t match the map exactly, but, above was my experience.

Below: Figures captured on infrared film of what appears to be two figures. Photo on right is a zoom 

The Path to Bachelors Grove

Date of Occurence:  1983

Experience submitted by: Dan Creek   



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 Below: November 20, 1999  Using Infrared film John Cahel captures  What looks like a white face on tree near the gate.

Experience submitted by: 
​ Corny Welch

I was six, I was having horrific nightmares. My mother had some friends in the movie making business. This night they would take me to see three films at a drive in close by, the movies were named, A bucket of Blood, Blood Feast and 1000 maniacs. They compared the movies to my nightmares, (Not Real) and YES, it helped me but turned me into a horror fan for life. After the movies we stopped at a pizza place near the cemetery and they joked about the sausage and tomatoes being bloody body parts ..HaHa. That wasn't enough, they took me to this graveyard. At the time 1962, the signs were used for target practice and the teenagers would throw goats blood all over the place. I know this because the "Creepy Adults" told me so.. They played another joke on me after by turning of the car with some stupid cut off switch thing and acting like we’d be stuck in the graveyard all night.. Something like the Spiders will make nests in the motor and it wont start… ? . "Scaring the living hell out of me", like it wasn't already enough. They laughed there arses off . That long road out of the cemetery to me then seemed like it was a hundred miles long. Love this place. See you in October :) 

Date of Occurence: mid 1960's
Experience submitted by: 
Pam Bremer

I'm an empath. I've always been fascinated by hauntings, spirits and other entities. On Monday, November 13th, 2017, two of my friends and I visited the Grove. While we were there, we kept feeling like something was watching us on the other side of the creek. We couldn't escape the feeling. We explored the entire grave yard, stone by stone, as it was the first time for myself and one of my friends. When we got to the east side of the cemetery, there was an instant drop in temperature. It was noticeable to all of us. But this is all that really occurred the day we went to the Grove. During this time, I was watching a friend's dogs. The following day I needed to run some errands. I had the dogs already for over a week, and everyone was getting along and acting fine, so I left them all free in the house. When I came home, one of the dogs had been killed. Thankfully I was able to watch my cameras and saw that it was one of the dogs I was watching who killed the dog, but for this to have happened, it was a crazy "coincidence" considering where I had been the previous day. You can interpret this as you will, but I truly believe I bright back something evil with me. I have spent nearly every day since then smudging my pets, house and myself and so far nothing else has happened. This past Wednesday, I went to Holistic Happenings in Tinley I believe. I was speaking to the employee about everything that happened and she suggested I purchase a hematite ring. She explained that it would clear any negative energy I could have picked up while I was at The Grove, but that I needed to bathe the ring in the moonlight every night to cleanse it off any negative energy it cleaned. She was adamant that if you don't do this, and the ring fills with too much energy, it will shatter. I feared that I collected a lot of negative energy, so I purchased two. I didn't heed her warning and wore the rings though the night (I figured since I bought them so late at night I would be okay). No lie, the next day, one of my rings shattered into 4 pieces. The Grove isn't a place to mess with. Prepare yourself if you go. Pray, wear protective crystals, and make sure you have plenty of sage to burn when you get home. You don't have to believe my experiences, trust me, I know how crazy this all sounds, but it's all 100% true. 

"September 6th 2012,The Midnight Paranormal Society, entered Bachelor's Grove with high expectations. We split up into groups from 2 to 5 people. I was with another member, and as we entered the cemetery the plots where the first to encounter. And there was one Gravestone under the name Walter Patrick. It look like a good Stone to sit down and chill. Moments later I felt a burning sensation and the other girl noticed that I had three scratches on my arm. She said it was called The Holy Trinity. We later Roundup the other group members to show them the evidence on my arm and did a quick EVP session. In the recording we asked if they had scratched me and clearly you hear a slow "Yes". By the way the Holy Trinity on my arm lasted a week here are some pictures of the day.My name is Janette Belandres,it was my first visit too at Bachelors Grove."

Date of Occurence:  September 6, 2012
Experience submitted by: 
Janette Belandres

I’ve been going to Bachelors Grove pretty much my whole life. I used to live and my Parents still live about 5min away. In the decades I’ve gone the only thing I ever experienced was a camera that suddenly went dead. No big deal. I never really bought into the whole haunted cemetery thing. Now, I’m not to sure what to think. Years ago I came into town to see family for Easter. On Easter I wanted to go Geocaching to introduce my sister to it and thought Bachelors would be fun. We get to Rubio, park, turn the GPS on, and headed in. It had been about a year since we had been and when we arrived at the cemetery we were shocked to see a massive tree down on the left side that took part of the fence. We talked a bit about some of the destruction and noticed we were the only ones there so we decided it was time to search for the geocache. Oddly enough it was by the fallen down tree. We sat down on the tree and started to open the geocache when we heard kids laughing. It sounded like they were on the path about to reach the entrance to the cemetery. We hurried to put the contents of the geocache back in and hide it so the incoming family or teenagers wouldn’t see. After a few minutes and no one showing up my sister told me to take some pictures. To appease her I snapped a few pics around the cemetery very quickly. My sister then grabbed the camera from me and started reviewing the pics were she said she could see the face of a little girl and showed me. I couldn’t really see anything and blew it off. A few months later I was transferring photos from my camera when I came across this photo and instantly noticed the face of a little girl or doll face. Personally I still don’t know what to think of it. Between what happened and seeing this I automatically think “holy shit” but my mind is telling me it’s just patterns in the tree, grass, and weeds that are making it look like that, but then I go back to “we heard kids laughing” and we were doing something fun, something a kid would like to do. Years later I was reading something on Bachelors Grove and it was talking about how loved ones used to come to the cemetery on holidays to visit their deceased loved ones and have a picnic by their grave stone. Then I remember this experience and it was on Easter.

Below : November 2nd , 1997. John Cachel took two pictures. There is a shape like a woman in the Tree in Bachelor Grove

Date of Occurence:  Easter Day, Late 80's Early 90's

Experience submitted by:  Christie Elizabeth

Date of Occurence:  1962
Experience submitted by:  

Paul Benton Sr. 


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 I worked there for the CCFPD one year we had to clean up the area around the cemetery in the winter, for some reason we were there when it got dark. I admit being jumpy but the two guys I was with were s#^&&*g in their pants with the moving shadows and things that streaked by.  No I did not go back, no need to, this was my job. Yes I believe in Ghosts, too experience the real deal u have to go around 5 or 6 PM in the winter months.

My friend and I simply went there with the goal of going into the cemetery at a "peak" paranormal time (all pictures were taken around 2:50 - 3:10 AM), spending 5-10 min in it, and seeing if we'd find anything interesting in the pictures later on.  We were maybe 2-300ft from the gates when the supposed apparition appeared on camera.  The amount of sounds we were hearing from the woods seemed to increase until that point.  My friend was starting to get pretty distressed and wanted to leave, so out of respect for him that's when we turned around to go back to the car.  There were little to no noises from that point on, although there were still a fair amount of lights appearing in the images.

Its hard to describe the feeling I had at the peak of this experience, or why I felt this way.  Imagine there's a group of a couple dozen people watching, and you turn away from them- even though you don't see them, you can 'feel' their attention directed at you.  That's the best way I can explain it.  

Date of Occurence:  November 13, 2017
This experience was submitted to us with the request that the person who experienced it remain publicly Anonymous 

Date of Occurence:  September 23, 2006
Experience extracted from www.yourghoststories.com
Submitted by: Aidan

                                                                   A Bad Experience at Bachelors Grove 

Back on October 15, 2004, my girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to take me to Bachelors Grove Cemetery, a week before my birthday, as one of my presents. I am really into the supernatural, so I was really excited about it. I even went and bought a digital voice recorder, and got out my digital camera. We left that saturday, at about 12:00p.m. I live about an hour and a half away, so I wanted to get as much out of this as possible. When we arrived, we parked across the street, in the forest preserve parking lot, then walked across the street (there is nowhere to park other then there, and if you try to park elsewhere, you will be towed, and get a ticket.) The walk from there is not very far, but as we got closer to the gate, it started to feel really odd. I turned on my recorder, and it would skip from 17 seconds, to 23. I kept it going, and we took a whole bunch of pictures. It was about 42 degrees that day, and it started raining, so we hurried it up, and took as many pictures as we could. While we were there, we noticed a really bizarre feeling of being watched, and I kept getting the feeling something was breathing down my neck. We decided to leave after being there about 20 minutes. It was creeping us out, and we were the only ones there. I left the recorder going till we got to the end of trail leaving the grounds. Once we got to the car, I replayed all of our footage. I almost literally had a heart attack at what I heard. I heard a voice whisper to get out, and other things, like at one point I said to my girlfriend, take a picture of me next to here. Then you hear, almost in a taunting manner, yes go ahead take a picture. The really freaky stuff started happening after we got home.

That night, (now keep in mind, I am extremely healthy, and I never get sick.) I felt perfect that day, and out of nowhere that night, I got a bad cough, and sore throat. There is no way possible, I could get that sick, for being in the cold, dressed as warm as I was, for 20 minutes. Anyway, the next morning, when my girlfriend came over, I was worse. I had a fever of about 101, and I had been having diarrhea. I was so sick, I could barely move. She brought her laptop over, and we viewed the pictures together. We got a lot of things on camera. We got a picture of a man by a fallen tree, a full body apparition of a woman floating, holding what looked to be flowers. Lots of other pictures were of faces, and white mists. After that ordeal, things got worse. About a month after that, we moved into an apartment together, and after only two months, we were in a car accident. A month after that, she lost her job for no reason, followed by me losing mine. No matter how many interviews we went on, we could not find a job! That whole year was bad luck. We got sick all the time with flu bugs, and had problems with our apartment. We lost our place after barely a year! We had to move in with my parents, and it was months before we found work again. I really believe the cemetery had something to with it, because before that, we were happy, and healthy. I will never go back there again. My friends want to, but I tell them they are nuts. There is something more to that place then people think. I never believed in curses, or anything like that, until that happened. Things have gotten a little better for us, but not perfect. It's been two years. I still have my voice recordings, and pictures, and I listen to the strange voices still. I show my pictures to people, and I have tried putting them on ghost sites, but they have never been displayed, like I hoped they would be. To all of you ghost hunters out there, I would highly recommend you never go there. That place is haunted, and a good find, but it's better to just leave those spirits in peace. They obviously don't want people there. Thank you for reading this.