The Path to Bachelors Grove

Date of Occurence:  September 6, 2012
Experience submitted by: 
Janette Belandres


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Date of Occurence:  November 13, 2017
This experience was submitted to us with the request that the person who experienced it remain publicly Anonymous 

"September 6th 2012 ,The Midnight Paranormal Society, entered Bachelor's Grove with high expectations. We split up into groups from 2 to 5 people. I was with another member, and as we entered the cemetery the plots where the first to encounter. And there was one Gravestone under the name Walter Patrick. It look like a good Stone to sit down and chill. Moments later I felt a burning sensation and the other girl noticed that I had three scratches on my arm. She said it was called The Holy Trinity. We later Roundup the other group members to show them the evidence on my arm and did a quick EVP session. In the recording we asked if they had scratched me and clearly you hear a slow "Yes". By the way the Holy Trinity on my arm lasted a week here are some pictures of the day.My name is Janette Belandres,it was my first visit too at Bachelors Grove."

Date of Occurence: mid 1960's

Experience submitted by:

Pam Bremer

I'm an empath. I've always been fascinated by hauntings, spirits and other entities. On Monday, November 13th, 2017, two of my friends and I visited the Grove. While we were there, we kept feeling like something was watching us on the other side of the creek. We couldn't escape the feeling. We explored the entire grave yard, stone by stone, as it was the first time for myself and one of my friends. When we got to the east side of the cemetery, there was an instant drop in temperature. It was noticeable to all of us. But this is all that really occurred the day we went to the Grove. During this time, I was watching a friend's dogs. The following day I needed to run some errands. I had the dogs already for over a week, and everyone was getting along and acting fine, so I left them all free in the house. When I came home, one of the dogs had been killed. Thankfully I was able to watch my cameras and saw that it was one of the dogs I was watching who killed the dog, but for this to have happened, it was a crazy "coincidence" considering where I had been the previous day. You can interpret this as you will, but I truly believe I bright back something evil with me. I have spent nearly every day since then smudging my pets, house and myself and so far nothing else has happened. This past Wednesday, I went to Holistic Happenings in Tinley I believe. I was speaking to the employee about everything that happened and she suggested I purchase a hematite ring. She explained that it would clear any negative energy I could have picked up while I was at The Grove, but that I needed to bathe the ring in the moonlight every night to cleanse it off any negative energy it cleaned. She was adamant that if you don't do this, and the ring fills with too much energy, it will shatter. I feared that I collected a lot of negative energy, so I purchased two. I didn't heed her warning and wore the rings though the night (I figured since I bought them so late at night I would be okay). No lie, the next day, one of my rings shattered into 4 pieces. The Grove isn't a place to mess with. Prepare yourself if you go. Pray, wear protective crystals, and make sure you have plenty of sage to burn when you get home. You don't have to believe my experiences, trust me, I know how crazy this all sounds, but it's all 100% true.