The Path to Bachelors Grove

Libby May Humphrey
(Granddaughter of Walter) 

Died 1865 at 11 months old
Daughter of Senator John Humphrey and Amelia Patrick 

Walter arrives in New York on August 28, 1828 with his parents and siblings. 

Below and right: New York Passenger and Immigration Lists, 1820-1850. Below is a copy of the actual document, to the right is the index listing.

Walter Patrick​​

B: February 7, 1820 In Barany, Lanark,  Scotland

D: March 18, 1887

​Lot #44

Ann Patrick

Lillie E. Patrick

Daughter of Walter and Hannah

B: November 20, 1859

D: May 20, 1862

Naomi Elizabeth Patrick
Second wife of Walter

B: February 1839

D: January 1, 1880

Walter moves west with his Parents to settle in Bachelors Grove settlement in 1846.  

Below: from Ferdinand Shapper's 1917 manuscript Southern Cook County and  History of Blue Island Before the Civil War.

Known as the mysterious moving stone, The stone itself has  over the years moved to many different locations in the cemetery earning the reputation of moving by itself. Witnesses profess to seeing the stone in one location one day then return to the cemetery the next day to find the stone in a totally different location with no marks in the ground surrounding it and not a single mark on the stone. 

​Lillie E. Patrick​

Below: Baptism and Birth Record for Walter Patrick
Baptised : 13 Feb 1820 • Barony, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Naomi E. Patrick

Walter Patrick Marriages:

Hannah Ann Cowan  1840-1871, Married 1840

Naomi Elizabeth Philips 1873-1880, Married 1 Jan 1873

Sarah A. Ferrers  1881-1887, Married 5 Sept 1881

Ann Wier married Alexander Patrick July 31, 1816 . Below is the documentation under Irregular Marriages in Barony Church Records, Glasgow, Scotland

Ann Patrick {Nee Wier}
(Walters Mother)

B:  August 24, 1791
D: 1855

Libby May Humphrey

Walter Patrick was one of the early settlers in Bachelors Grove Settlement . He arrived with his parents Alexander and Ann Patrick in New York from Scotland at 8 years old in 1828. They all moved further west to Bachelors Grove in 1846.

William became a prominent and wealthy farmer in the area. He owned a very large farm along what is now Central avenue,  just a few blocks from Bachelors Grove Cemetery (as seen on the 1862 map below). Walter was married three times and had a total of eleven children. Two wives, two daughters, his mother and an infant grand daughter are known to be buried in this lot with William. 

Hannah A Patorick

Walter Patrick

Above: What remains of the Patrick stone in Bachelors Grove Cemetery today. 

Below: A 1951 photo of Bachelors Grove cemetery of now missing headstones taken by a family member of the Warren family (Lot#36) shows the Patrick stone still standing in its full glory.  The rest of the stone has been missing for more than 20 years. 


Hannah A. Patrick (nee Cowan)
First wife of Walter

​B: abt. 1818 in Washington, NY
D: August 1, 1871

Clara B. Patrick
Daughter of Walter and Hannah

B: September 28, 1855

D: January 7, 1862

Clara B. Patrick