The Path to Bachelors Grove

Besides the figure in question,center of photo on the left, what is that "face" on the bottom portion of photo above the stone marker.?

The below original - unedited  photo was taken on 6-25-2014 at approximately 6:15 am on a very dark and dreary morning with a Sony cybershot. We were the only ones in the cemetery at this time. Photo taken from the far East side facing directly West. The large stone, Moss grave marker is center left,look directly above the stone on the far West fence line.


Many visitors to the Grove mention the feeling of "being watched" when they are there. But the question is "by who"?

Elemental's of the forest?

Original photo 1.

To the left is a Full Spectrum photo.

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Photo Right ~ Karl K.

Daytime mist anomaly.

July 3rd 2013   Aprox. 9:45 AM. Upper right portion of phot.

No fire, smoke or fireworks in area. This was NOT seen with the "naked eye" at time of photograph taken.

Original photo ABOVE. Two cropped versions below .

Original photo.

The two photo's above and one to the left are enlarged,highlighted and darkened versions of the original to bring out ~ highlight what is in the photo.

We can safely say nothing that looks like that belongs in that area. It is not a bush nor a tree.That area on the West  fence line is fairly open and clean or trees and brush. Photos above-right and below are cropped versions of the original photo.


The image to the left is a page from a mid 1990 African American History Calendar found at a garage sale by a good friend.

We had shown this friend this photo and when she saw this calendar,she knew right away of what it reminded her of.

All photos  below just added recently.  sizing and text explanation coming soon.    2- 2017

bachelors grove   bachelors grove 

bachelors grove   bachelors grove  bachelors grove  bachelors grove bachelors grove bachelors grove bachelors grove  bachelors grove      bachelors grove bachelor grove   bachelors grove

February 8th 2012. We were the only ones in the cemetery this day,standing near the Patrick stone with what looks to be a "circle of dancing people" behind me near the south fence line near the gated entrance.We can honestly say that on this day when we were taking these photos ,something just felt "strange" in the area.But in a very good way.

The below slideshow contains the original shot, cropped and enlarged versions and two shots taken right after the "capture" photo. "Pink" photos are Full Spectrum - Dark -Black & White photo is in I.R.



The below Full Spectrum photo was taken on Dec 23 2012 at approximately 3:45 pm,the day of a Christmas wreath and candle laying gathering. This is the West fence line near the Newman marker.

Examine this photo carefully and with much detail. There is much going on in every aspect of this picture.  Look near the "marks" at photo left. What is that in the tree? What and who is that at the left of the photo. A 'cloaked' woman sitting at the base of the tree with her hand to her chin. Notice any other details of her clothes ?!!

The above Full Spectrum photo was taken in April of 2013. With no flash used. A friend also thinks there may be some possible manifestation of a 'spirit" which they circled for us in this photo. This 'flash" was not seen at the time the photo was taken.

Below is original -unedited photo.

January 10 2012. My first visit back to the Grove in over 25 years. Also one of the first photos taken  and reviewed from that day. This one photo is all it took to get and keep me intrigued of this location. It's like a "little world " of their own going on there and it is rarely open to be viewed. I still am amazed when I look into this photo. Look deep into this photo with a open mind. There is more then "pareidolia " going on here. Below  is the original photo. Other photo's are "tone curved" a bit to bring out the "highlights" of the shot.  K.K.



The sunlight at the Grove interacts in some very mysterious ways at times.

From the "creepy" shadows on the trees to the matrixing of the sunlight.

The below photos in the slideshow  were purposely shot with some direct sunlight into the lens.

                                                      Sun refraction.  

                                             Matrixing -Pareidolia- Bachelors Grove.

     Much more to come on this page.           Please check back again soon.

         Updated with new photos  5-1-2024

The Original unedited photo is above.Below is a cropped,enlarged version.

It always seems "something" may be watching. It is not always something of a 'human' nature. It's a bit of a Tim Burton-esque world that we do not 'comprehend" or know much about.

Shot in 'Full Spectrum". Pareidolia or Bachelors Grove.


The above photo was taken Just South of the Path Dec 2012.

Some say they see two woman to the middle,left of this photo. Just to the right of the  first tree from the left of. The letter F and the number 7 ?

Original Photo above.

Above - Left - and below are "Tone"Curved a bit  darker to enhance what is there.

The photo on the right is Enlarged and cropped.    

As in the other photos, once again are WE being watched?

There are many photos on the internet of a "similar nature" that have something on the outside of the fence peering into the cemetery,many that seem to be looking right at the person taking a photo.

Photo left courtesy of 

Karrie Salisbury 

I have known Mary for many,many years, having worked together for a few years, but drifted apart in time as life went on. She is a always smiling, fun loving ,a open minded, 'spiritual" person. We met again after the years by chance,( and here is another complete story) on the side of the road". I was driving home from work and saw a wonderful looking woman bent over her dog which was laying on its side seeming to be having issues.It was a very hot day. I had some water in the car so I pulled a quick u-turn, pulled over and hopped out of the car bottled water in hand. She was still bent over caring for her dog, saying i'm not sure whats wrong, he's never done anything like this before. 

Still yet not standing up to see whom this stranger is,we were both bent over looking at her dog, when we both stood up it was like" HEY Karl ,, HEY Mary. After some side of the road quick catching up, the conversation of course turned to my new found interest The Grove. She mentioned her rekindled interest in 'spirituality". We exchanging info and spoke of her coming to the Grove with me sometime. These photo's are from Mary's first and last trip to the Grove. For the happenings around her in the days to follow after her first visit ,from that evening on pretty much convinced Mary that there are some 'major issues of concern" going on there that she did not care to have contact with again.

In those days and weeks to follow, she spoke of "popping light bulbs" in her house. electric in her car shorted out.Her computer shorted out and "it was like someone threw a blanket of negativity over her house".

Photo's above & below.

Other "mist anomalies" taken that same day in the same area.

Photo Left

On the main path in cemetery, standing facing North my friend in front of me, I said, Mary, I think something is behind me. She spun around and was able to click off one photo. She saw something "dark" passing behind me, disappearing from sight as she took the photo. K.

Spring 2012. Photo's courtesy of my friend Mary Melchiori that she took on her FIRST and LAST visit to the Grove with K.

Below right  a "Greenish-blue orb" near the ground,close to the Newman marker Southwest corner. NO FLASH USED FOR PHOTOS.

Pareidolia, tricks of the eye or more of the mystery of the Grove. Here is another example of the trickery and mystique of the  sunlight that plays a intricate, fascinating  part in the wonders of the Grove. Take a look at this photo.Step a few feet away and take a look, now Step up close, look again. What do you see? Possibly a "woman's" face,looking to the left. A 1920's type of "flapper" look.Then possibly do you see a "pirate" type of face also looking to the left on the top. Beard ,pointy hat?

Examine the whole photo.Look at the upper right quarter of the photo.

This is where it confuses many a eye and many a person. Where one person may not see what it is you see,but they do see something else.

You see one thing they see another. Look hard- close. Look soft- away.  One is 5 and 5 is one. Meaning one "face" that you see can be comprised of a few separate " faces" while those few separate " faces" can make one face. We have seen it in many a photo. And we have seen this "pirate" looking guy in a few other photos from different locations within the cemetery. Photo left and below.Seen within our own photos and those taken by others.



Bachelors Grove? 

The mind interprets things many different ways.

Look closely at the photos below on this page.

 what do you see???

Beyond The Grove II