Summer 2012

Above are two photos taken seconds apart with Len D. sitting on the old log pile just South of the  path in, at the cemetery entrance.

The second  taken, just seconds after the first photo we "captured a light anomaly" not seen in photo one.

Possible "fairy or elemental" of the woods.

Taken with a sony cybershot ~ NO FLASH USED

We have seen three other photos with such anomalies taken in the same immediate area.

We are in the process of gathering the other photos to post along with these.

What makes this interesting is this is "the area" we here at the path and others ,including a few psychics & sensitives we have spoken with when visiting the Grove all agree that there is a very high probability of a existing portal,vortex. worm hole, connecting  the area to another dimension.

We have taken many a photo of "interest" within this area.

This is also the  exact area,that the "loud pop" was heard when we banished our negative attachment.

Photo by : Kevin Grajewski    

Date Taken: January 29th 2017

Original ~ Un-Cropped Photo left
Cropped ~ Enlarged version Below & lower left

Photo By: Kevin Grajewski

The above  photo was taken by Emily Rago , July 4, 2014. Below is her account of what she experienced that day:

"I went there with a few friends on the 4th of July a few years ago and I just felt like we were being watched the entire time... not in a threatening way, but a cautious way. I started snapping pictures of areas I felt there may be a presence that was watching us. I didn't realize he was in that photo until a few hours later when I was reviewing my shots. I zoomed in and my jaw dropped, I couldn't believe the detail! He just looks like he's watching intently to make sure we wouldn't harm the graves. Very eerie place!"

The Path to Bachelors Grove

  Photographic Evidence lll

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This page is dedicated to photos of interest taken in Bachelors Grove Cemetery and sent in to this site by the legion of visitors whom believe in Bachelors Grove.

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Photo Taken by:  Emily Rago

Date Taken: July 4, 2014

Left: Original
Cropped Photos Below and Below left

Photos used with the express permission of the owner and are not to be duplicated without permission. 


Steve Deangeles:

Photo Right.

This picture looks like one too (mist) only with a glare. I know glares in pictures but I've never seen them make this sweeping motion. I took your survey and explained of a time when I was there at night and my friends and seen a glowing ball right behind me and now that I am talking about it this is what it may have looked like. 

Nick O'Brien

Photo's submitted by: Nick O'Brien

March 2017

Two of three photo's taken in a "three shot burst" capturing a "unknown source of  "shadow" & "strange anomaly" in tree line.East fence

Steve Deangeles adds:
I'm not sure where I took these but I think the first one was on the way out off of 143rd street overlooking the swamp.

(Photo Above) I just remember taking one last picture before I ran out of film, that is why I think it has the red on the right but I do not know for sure.

The second (photo Right) looks kind of like a deer. We have seen numerous skulls and bones of animals in the woods. Maybe there are haunted animals too? I had a picture that if you turn it you can see a lady in a hood holding a baby but I lost it or borrowed it out and never got it back. I may still have the negative. I know my friends may still have some good pictures. I remember seeing one with blue orbs around the fulton grave.

Photos used with the express permission of the owner and are not to be duplicated without permission. 

ORB ~ Captured with a "Fuji" ~ FULL SPECTRUM 35 mm camera. 

Spring 2013    

Photo by Karl K.

Photos used with the express permission of the owner and are not to be duplicated without permission. 

"Steve Deangeles "

These I think I like the most. You can clearly see that the apparitions are all around my friends dale and Ian as they are talking to each other on the path.(Photo above)

The one with Ian running toward me in the cemetery looks really creepy. (Photo Right) These and the rest were shot with disposables between the years 97-98ish?

Nick O'Brien

Photos Below Taken by :

Steve Deangeles

Date Taken: Approximately 1997/98

Photo by : Karl K.                Photo by: Karl K.